30 10, 2011

Overwintering Pests Are Looking For Shelter In Your Home Or Business

October 30th, 2011|Hibernating insect control, Pest Prevention, Rodents|

It’s already cooling down and it won’t be long before the snow flies in Milwaukee, Madison and throughout Wisconsin. Right now insects, rodents and other pests are making their way indoors in search of the ideal overwintering site and your home or business may suit their needs.

Ants, spiders, mice, box elder bugs and other pests are common fall pest problems and may, depending on the pest, go unnoticed or cause damage inside your structure that could lead to fire hazards and expensive repair bills. To prevent pests from invading your Wisconsin home or business, Wil-Kil Pest control, a Wisconsin pest control company, would like to offer property owners and managers some suggestions for pest-proofing.

16 09, 2011

Keeping Mice Out Is More Than Just Setting Out Traps Or Bait

September 16th, 2011|Rodents|

If you’ve ever opened a cupboard in your home and come face to face with a little mouse, you probably realize that setting mice traps to catch these annoying pests is not enough. Even as you empty one successful trap, there could still be more of these rodents wandering through your cupboards, under your floors and in your attic. To completely eliminate mice and prevent new rodent activity, it is absolutely necessary to correct the conditions in and around your home that may invite the entry of these pesky creatures.

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