How do you know fall is coming? Is it by the weather cooling down, or is it by the pests that start to make your business their home? While we hope it’s not the latter, it’s true that pests such as rodents, spiders, and cockroaches are more common indoors so they can survive through the cold weather.

The problem with these pests – especially rodents – are the bacteria and disease they carry with them. Mice and rats chew through electrical wires, which can cause significant damage, and spread disease like salmonella and Hantavirus. Even cockroaches can trigger allergic reactions. This can be a huge concern for your patrons, especially if your business is in the service or food processing industry where these pests can contaminate food by transmitting bacteria. Even just the sight of one of these pests can ruin your brand’s reputation.

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So, how do these pests get inside, and what can you do to prevent them?


Are there lights outside your business that attract smaller, flying insects? Spiders feast on insects like this, and when the weather cools down they’re going to relocate indoors. Make sure that any lights on your property are away from any entrances where they can easily slip in. You’ll also want to make sure that you repair doors, window screens and sills that are broken, even a slight tear in the screen can leave room for spiders and other small critters to enter. Are areas in your establishment dark and moist? Utilize a dehumidifier to keep spiders away.


Many cockroaches, including the German and American, prefer moist areas and will often come in through sewers, drains, or other building entry points. Cockroaches can migrate by going through plumbing that share walls within large buildings, for instance, apartments and hotels. To prevent this migration, seal any holes around common areas or near plumbing pipes. Additionally, corrugated boxes, or cardboard boxes with ridges, can be a favorite breeding ground for cockroaches. Make sure you get rid of them immediately after supplies come in.


Finding a mouse or rat in your establishment is one of the more frighten things that can happen, especially if it’s spotted by a visitor or guest. How can you be sure these disease-ridden pests aren’t finding their way in? Well, mice and rats can squeeze through incredibly small areas such as vents, pipes, and holes where insulated pipes lead into your building from the outside. Be sure to go through your building and seal any cracks, gaps, and other openings from the outside. Mice and rats are also attracted to garbage, so you’ll want to put your garbage bins as far away from your building as possible.


Think you might have a fall pest infestation in your commercial establishment? Wil-Kil knows pests habits and can help figure out where they are coming from, and the best strategy for getting rid of them. Contact us today to get rid of your fall pest problem!