We are stronger together!

Wil-Kil Pest Control joining forces with Terminix

We are thrilled to announce that Terminix and Wil-Kil are joining as one company that will continue to serve your area. We will remain focused on providing the highest level of service to you. The biggest difference is we’re now partners with one of the world’s pest control leaders, giving us greater resources for expanded products and services, as well as innovative pest control technology, and an eye toward increased sustainability. 

What Can You Expect?

Changes will happen over time, and we’ll keep you updated as they do. Watch your mail and email for further communications. We’re changing for the better and working hard to make things easy for you! As a valued customer, you’re an essential part of our growing family, so we’re committed to putting you at the center of everything we do. We appreciate your patience and support during this transition, and we’ll keep you posted as things develop.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wil-Kil and Terminix

If you have any questions, we’ve created an online FAQ resource that we’ll update throughout the process of our company joining forces. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any additional questions.

Our exciting new partnership brings together the leading pest control companies in our region to enhance the level of service to our communities. Making us strong together!
The world’s leading pest control companies have joined forces to offer a new level of products and services for you and your family. Delivered by expert technicians who live in your area, understand your needs, and provide the highest level of service and personal attention.
A company committed to putting you—our customers—first, with innovative products and personalized service delivered by expert technicians who live in your area. With our expanded resources, we’re enhancing our offerings, technology, and sustainability practices to better protect your home and your family, while giving you peace of mind.
You may see your technician in a new truck and uniform and possibly receive a new service ticket form … but we are still the same team of local pest experts focused on solving your needs.
Please continue contacting us using the same phone number and email you do now. Eventually, we may make adjustments to better serve you, and we’ll provide advance notice of any changes.
We anticipate that your current pest control expert will continue to service your home or business. If that ever changes, you’re still in good hands. All our technicians live in your area and understand your exact needs. Each one is trained to the same high level of service to provide a personalized plan just for you.
You will be notified two to three days before your upcoming appointments by text, email, or phone. We will schedule your service for a time that’s optimal for the best year-round pest protection. If you need to reschedule, you can visit MyAccount online or call us at 800-236-8735.
You won’t see any immediate changes to your service visits or their frequency. Over time, as we combine our operations and identify ways to better serve you, we may restructure some service programs to improve and streamline our offerings. If that happens, you’ll be notified of any changes in advance.
Your termite protection will not be interrupted.
No, your terms and agreements outlined in your contract have not changed. You can continue to rely on your current terms for the duration of your service agreement.
Don’t worry – there will be no changes to your service price as a result of this transition. The price of our services is based on the materials we use, service costs, and the value we bring to you and your family. If prices do change in the future, you will be notified in advance.
Your new customer number will be on your first invoice on/after June 10, 2024. We will keep you updated on any new developments that may affect you and your account.
If you have automatic payments set up with your bank or other private vendors, you need to update your account information with those vendors including your new account number and remit to address.
If you are not setup with AutoPay, then you will still receive an invoice. Invoices will be sent on the same cycle they were previously sent.
For customers paying by check, the address has changed.
Please mail your check to: Terminix, PO Box 740608, Cincinnati, OH 45274-0608
While we are making updates to the customer portal to optimize your experience, you will still have access to all current MyAccount information.
Customer service can be reached at 800-236-8735. You will have some new phone menu options that will help us direct you to the right colleague.
We take our commitment to protecting your family and pets with effective, environmentally responsible pest control very seriously. All of our pest specialists are trained in the latest pest control techniques.
Pets are beloved and are often considered members of the family. Whether it’s your dog, cat, rabbit, bird, or hamster, we understand that when you hire a pest control service, you want to make sure your pet is not harmed in any way.
Your peace of mind and satisfaction is our top priority and we’re committed to keeping you informed about any changes that affect you.
Please watch your mail and email for future communications, and visit terminix.com for our most up-to-date FAQs.

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