Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed bug heat treatments (or thermal remediation treatments) are the best method for resolving heavy infestations, particularly in cluttered conditions. They may also include a chemical treatment for maximum effectiveness. Wil-Kil will bring industrial-sized heaters into your property and heat your space to a temperatures of 120 degrees or above (see images below).

Treatment Methods May Include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Pesticide Dust
  • Heat (120°F and above)
  • Mattress Encasements

Preparation Requirements:

Most items can remain in the structure during the heat treatment without being harmed.

The Wil-Kil representative will provide and review the preparation checklist with the Client prior to service.


  • Eliminates all stages of the bed bug, from egg to adult.
  • Results are achieved more quickly than with conventional methods, usually in a single treatment.
  • Less extensive preparation for the resident, and they can return to their home that same day.
  • Heat is non-chemical, non-toxic


  • Residents must vacate the area, for about 6-8 hours, during treatment.
  • Higher cost than conventional treatment.
  • As with other treatments, re-introductions are possible.

Best Choice When:

  • Elimination is needed in a single treatment.
  • Infestations are heavy and/or conditions are cluttered.
  • Residents have limited ability to prepare for treatment.
  • The area is less than 2200 sq ft., including apartments, dorm rooms, condos and small homes.