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Prevent Expensive Damage with Rodent & Wildlife Exclusion

Despite having pest management programs, businesses across the Upper Midwest continue to see pests such as mice, rats, and birds in their facility. While traps and baits are important tools for every commercial pest management program, they don’t prevent pests from entering in the first place. That’s why Wil-Kil is proud to offer rodent and wildlife exclusion: the sealing of potential entry points in and around your facility.

Rodent & Wildlife Exclusion Protects Your Business From:

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How Wil-Kil Rodent & Wildlife Exclusion Works:

  • Inspection: Exclusion starts with a thorough inspection to identify entry points. While inspecting your facility for gaps and cracks, our technicians also look for signs of pest activity such as rub marks, chew marks, and droppings.
  • Exclusion Repairs: Knowing the pest and the size of each entry point is crucial in determining the best fastener for lasting results. Caulk, sealant, expanding foam, and sweeps are a few products that may be used to secure your building.
  • Ongoing Prevention: Sealed entry points should be regularly inspected for ensured success. In addition to exclusion services, successful IPM programs should include a regular treatment plan for comprehensive pest prevention.

How long do exclusion repairs last for?

Ideally, exclusion repairs will last for several years! Pests are creative, which is why ongoing inspection, prevention, and monitoring are critical to maintaining a pest-free environment.

Why should I hire Wil-Kil to makes these repairs?

Pest management professionals like those you find at Wil-Kil have an intimate knowledge of pest habits. We’ve seen it all. A pest management professional knows where pests are most likely to enter, where common problem areas are, and how to seal against the specific pest of concern. While an outside contractor or your in-house maintenance staff could technically make the repairs, they don’t have the time or experience necessary to do a thorough inspection, identify all entry points and seal out the specific pests of concern.

Do I still need ongoing pest management services?

Yes. Pests are creative and unpredictable. While exclusion certainly reduces your likelihood of a pest break-in, it will never completely eliminate it. We recommend ongoing preventative services in addition to exclusion repairs.

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If you notice any signs of rodent or wildlife breaching, or openings in the foundation, consider contacting Wil-Kil’s exclusion team. Our certified technicians have been ridding homes and businesses in the Midwest of rodents and other pest animals since 1924, and we’re ready to protect your facility today. Give us a call or contact us online to get started.

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