Pre-Thermal Remediation Checklist

Have Bed Bugs? Call Us Now!

Wil-Kil Pest Control has completed an inspection of your home and have found that bed bugs are present. Our service technicians need your full cooperation in order to control these pests. For a successful bed bug treatment please follow this preparation guideline. A fee of $750 will be charged for failing to comply with this checklist, resulting in a job cancellation.

  • Be ready to leave your residence at the posted time. All residents & animals will need to be gone for the duration of the treatment. If you are not ready to leave at the posted time, the cancellation fee will be applied and the job will be re-scheduled for the next open treatment date.
  • Until the treatment is completed, please avoid visiting any other residences or common areas in the building.
  • Clean up entire residence as if you were expecting company. We will not tolerate working around trash, left out food, pet waste, or any other unsanitary items.
  • Vacuum your entire home and vehicle. Discard vauum bag or empty vacuum canister into trash.
  • DO NOT remove infested materials (mattresses/furniture) from the home. It is important that you leave all items in place to reduce risk of spreading the infestation to other rooms, hallways, or adjoing residences.
  • DO NOT use or apply any type of over-the-counter products or pesticides, anywhere inside the residence.
  • Prepare a change of clothing to wear the day of the treatment. The night before the treatment, a set of clothing should be placed into a dryer on high heat for 30 minutes and sealed into a plastic bag. Change into this clothing the morning of the treatment. Leave your home with as little as possible, purses, handbags, backpacks, briefcases, etc. should remain inside the residence for the treatment.
  • All clothing in drawers and closets may be left in place. DO NOT place clothing into trash bags.
  • Take down all items on the walls that might be damaged if someone brushes against them or could be knocked down by strong air movement. High powered fans will be used to move air.
  • Secure all loose papers and all valuable/breakable items from shelves, nightstands, or end tables that could be knocked down by air movement.
  • Deflate any/all air mattresses.
  • Fish tanks larger than 10 gallons will need to be removed. If under 10 gallons, it can stay in the residence, but please notify Wil-Kil prior to the treatment day.
  • Ensure a walking path is clear for the movement of large equipment throughout the entire residence. Access to baseboards and all sides of furniture is very important.
  • You MUST place the following items in containers/boxes and leave them for the technician to inspect. These items will be removed from the residence during the treatment and returned to your residence post treatment:
  • Compressed gases & flammable/combustible chemicals (oxygen tanks, propane, butane, cigarette lighters)
  • All aerosols and pressurized cans (hairspray, spray-on deodorants, bug sprays, spray paints, asthma inhalers, aerosol cleaning products).
  • Medicines and meltable foodstuffs (chocolates, candy, etc.) may be placed in refrigerator.
  • Candles, crayons, wax figurines, oil paintings or any other similar items.
  • Musical instruments that could be damaged by heat, such as guitars.
  • All flammable materials, including butane lighters, lamp fuel, fuel for food warmers, solvents, ammunition/black powder, etc.
  • Indoor plants.
  • Fruits and vegetables may be kept in the refrigirator.
  • Beverages under pressure such as 2 liter/can sodas, wine bottles, etc. (may be kept in the refrigerator).

After treatment you will notice clothing, mattresses, blankets, sofa cushions, etc. are not the way you left them. We must move these items to get even heat distribution. To avoid reintroduciton of bed bugs, please follow all directions and recommendations on the Post Treatment Checklist that will be left behind for you.

THANK YOU! –Wil-Kil Pest Control

To download a copy of this checklist please click here.