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Hibernating Insect Control

Insects that hibernate during the colder months, or overwinter, have a way of surprising homeowners across the Midwest in the spring. Where some overwintering insects will stay in the ground or in trees, insects such as boxelder bugs and Asian lady beetles like to overwinter in homes. As spring approaches and temperatures begin to rise, hibernating insects begin their journey back outdoors. This is when homeowners find them on windows and around doors. Fortunately, overwintering pests do not breed indoors nor do they cause much damage, but they are a nuisance.

Wil-Kil’s team of professionals have the expertise needed to prevent hibernating insects like Asian lady beetles and boxelder bugs from invading spaces within your home. Contact us today for our fall and spring pest control services.

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Commonly Asked Questions

As the weather in the Midwest shifts from warm to cool, hibernating insects need to find a place they can go to keep warm and stay alive until the warm weather returns. Buildings become their first choice, and they will swarm the outdoor surfaces of a home or business, searching for a way in. When they successfully make their way inside, they search for cracks and crevices where they can hide to keep warm. They stay put until it’s time to get back outside. You may occasionally see them hanging out by your windows on warm winter days though, because the temperature change signals it’s time to wake up.
Taking preventative measures in fall is the best way to treat for hibernating insects. In the spring they can be removed, but that really just eliminates the symptom, not the cause. Inspecting for and repairing cracks and crevices and checking window and door screens for access points can help limit the number of unwanted insects from entering your home. When sealing you home is combined with exterior barrier treatments provided by Wil-Kil, homeowners can rest assured that hibernating pests stay away for the season. Contact Wil-Kil today to set up an appointment.

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We had a terrible cluster fly problem and no other exterminator had the capacity to help out but Wil-Kil. They came out one time, diagnosed the problem, found the source, and our flies are gone!

- Tyler M

We've been so happy with our services. We first used these services due to bugs in our wooden siding from years of rotting wood but the overall service also decreased the spiders and centipedes in the basement as well. We'll continue these services for our home. Thank you.

- Katrina D

Dependable company. Do what they say. Got rid of the bugs and few mice that I had. Price is reasonably.

- Denise M

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