With the end of summer near, homeowners throughout Milwaukee, Madison and all of Wisconsin should not be surprised see to a number of pests heading indoors in anticipation of colder weather.  These pests are box elder bugs, lady bugs and cluster flies and what they are doing is searching for the ideal place in your home to overwinter.   Although these insects will not damage the integrity of your home’s structure and they are not a threat to your health, they can become an extreme annoyance as they congregate in large numbers.  To help property owners who are worried about these nuisance, overwintering pests, Wil-Kil would like to offer some tips to help prevent them from gaining entry.

  • Seal any cracks and crevices around your doors and windows
  • Repair any loose fitting vinyl siding
  • Caulk around clapboard siding
  • Place screens over attic vents
  • Repair any damaged soffit vents

Unfortunately, preventative measures aren’t always effective with these pests and they may still get in.  When this happens, Wil-Kil Pest Control is ready to help!  We offer an effective, year round Home Protection Plan that is sure to protect your home against common pests, including box elder bugs, mice and many other insects and rodents.  Our pest control professionals can also implement preventative measures to help keep these invaders out for good!

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Prepare Yourself for the Invasion of Overwintering Pests in Sun Prairie, WI

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