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While flies are one of the most common pests around, they’re also the exact definition of the word nuisance. Not to mention, they carry bacteria and diseases that are transmitted through food. Because there are so many different breeds of flies, including fruit flies, house flies, drain flies, fungus gnats and cluster flies, the removal approach varies. Wil-Kil has a variety of remedies for each type of fly infestation and will determine the approach best for you.

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Commonly Asked Questions

The answer to why you have flies in your home depends on the type of fly. The most common fly – the house fly – breeds and feeds within filth like feces, garbage and spoiled food. Poor sanitation creates the demand for flies and they sneak their way in through ripped screens and unsealed window cracks. Drain flies come from debris in the form of a humid film on the inside of drains and drain traps. Sugary, rotten fruits attract fruit flies.
There are many DIY ways to remove flies from your home. However, depending on the type of fly infestation and the living conditions within your home, they may or may not work. Wil-Kil’s team of highly experienced fly control technicians study all values involved in the equation that will solve your fly infestation. Not only will Wil-Kil work to implement a strategy that will remove flies, but they will also help to ensure the fly problem stays away for good.

Customer Reviews

So glad I have Wil-Kil coming to our home. They have done an excellent job and the service is top notch. No more flies, which was our main problem even in the winter. Then we called wilkil and they eliminated the problem.

- Dennis S

The technician is very responsive to us whenever we need a treatment in between the standard appointments. Answers all our questions and does a good job.

- Cynthia W

Excellent services, love that they call the day before for reminders and that I don't have to be home during services!

- Alexandrea Rene B

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