Close up of Cluster Fly.After a long, cold winter, the warmer temperatures of spring naturally bring out insects and wildlife. This is the season when the battle between you and the bugs begins again. One common spring pest is cluster flies. What are cluster flies? Well, here’s the scenario, suddenly as it starts to warm up outside, you notice a lot of flies around your home – almost like they appeared out of thin air. These are likely cluster flies. We know they didn’t just appear, so where do all these flies come from?

Flies start moving into homes in fall when the weather cools off. They look for warm places where they can hibernate. While they don’t reproduce inside of structures, they exist purely as an annoyance. When spring arrives, the flies start waking up again and try to get back outside. This is why you may notice flies trapped between your window and an increase that seems out of the blue.

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You might also wonder, what kind of fly is this? Most people just think of these flies as a common housefly. In reality, they are a separate species known as cluster flies.

Cluster Flies 101

Cluster flies are one of many types of flies that can be found in and around the home. They are characterized by their distinct stripes behind the head and golden hairs on the thorax. Another great indicator that you have cluster flies in your house is their behavior. Cluster flies are very slow moving and often appear confused compared to the energetic movements of a common housefly.

While most flies can spread bacteria, diseases, and create unsanitary conditions, cluster flies are not quite as dangerous. Unlike other insects, they will not lay eggs in food or cause extensive damage to homes. Their habits, like congregating in windows or inside light fixtures, make cluster flies more of a nuisance than anything inside your home.

How Do I Get Rid Of Cluster Flies?

The best cluster flies prevention tip is to make sure your home is fully sealed off next fall. You should apply caulk to cracks and crevices along the foundation, windows and doors. Make sure that other openings to the home are closed or screened off including utility openings, windows and doors. Once cluster flies come inside, the best treatment is removal, so vacuum them out of your windowsills and light fixtures and get back to enjoying your spring.

If you notice flies have become an increasing problem in your home, contact Wil-Kil Pest Control. Our team can treat affected areas and help seal up any entry points to make your house free of flies this spring.

Cleansing Your Home of Cluster Flies in Sun Prairie, WI

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