When you first think about a fly buzzing around your home, you may dismiss it as an annoyance or you may pause to consider the dangers associated with flies. House flies do in fact spread disease, bacteria and create unsanitary conditions. But there are many different species of flies that can be found in home and cluster flies are one. They are characterized by their distinct stripes behind the head and golden hairs on the thorax. If you can’t tell which type of fly you are seeing by how it looks, you can probably tell by their behavior. Cluster flies are very slow moving and often appear confused compared to the quick movements of the common house fly.

Cluster flies become active inside of homes during the fall when the temperatures begin to cool off. They will seek shelter in warm places (i.e. your home) to hibernate but they do not reproduce inside structures which makes them merely a nuisance. Especially now that the spring is here, cluster flies are going to start waking up from their long winter nap and try to get back outside. You are likely to see these confused looking flies buzzing around windows in the home.

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It is important to know that cluster flies are not dangerous like the average house fly. Cluster flies do not lay eggs in food which makes them more of a nuisance pest than a serious threat to your health and safety. They actually lay their eggs in earthworms and then the larva will burrow into the earthworm and feed. Not a pleasant thought but at least they are not leaving their eggs in our food sources!

The best way to prevent cluster flies is to make sure that your home is fully sealed off next fall. You want to apply caulking to cracks and crevices along the foundation, windows and doors. Also, you want to make sure that other openings to the home are closed or screened off including utility openings, windows and doors. Click here to learn more about year round pest control services for Wisconsin homes including home inspections to make sure your home is not providing harborage to flies.

When it comes to getting rid of cluster flies, we recommend contacting the WI pest control pros at Wil-Kil Pest Control. Because the use of store bought sprays and pesticides can be extremely dangerous, we suggest leaving the fly control to us. So if you are living in Eau Claire, Green BayMadison or elsewhere in our Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota service area, and you are ready to get rid of those pesky cluster flies or other insects and rodents this spring or at any point during the year, contact us!