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Spider Control and Removal

There are at least a dozen different spider species that have been spotted throughout the Midwest. Spiders do have benefits, including their tendency to feed on agricultural pests, cockroaches, earwigs, mosquitoes and flies. However, most homeowners see spiders as a nuisance over a benefit because of the health risks they pose. Nearly every spider species carries venom. Although their main purpose for using its venom is to stun its prey, occasionally they bite humans and health issues can stem from that. The webs they weave are also unappealing when found in any room of your home. Trust Wil-Kil to remove unwanted spiders from your home today.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Spiders often find their way into homes through external openings. Whether it’s a door or window that doesn’t fit tightly or vents that do not have screens. Some of the common reasons why spiders make their way into homes is because outside conditions are either too dry, too wet or too cold or because there’s a food source offered. It doesn’t take much for an inside infestation to get started. Female spiders can lay an egg that can hatch out hundreds of baby spiders. If you’re not crazy about having spiders spinning webs throughout your house, give Wil-Kil’s team of experts a call and we’ll provide the spider control you need.
Removing spiders starts at the source. Sealing openings into the house and removing their potential food sources will make their desires to infiltrate wither. Another way to effectively remove spiders is to use an insecticide specifically for spiders. However, it is highly recommended to let professional pest managers take on tasks involving insecticide to avoid putting your family at risk. Our experienced spider removal technicians have the knowledge needed to safely execute a plan that will eliminate spiders for good.

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Customer Reviews

We've been so happy with our services. We first used these services due to bugs in our wooden siding from years of rotting wood but the overall service also decreased the spiders and centipedes in the basement as well. We'll continue these services for our home. Thank you.

- Jill H

Service was fast, efficient, and friendly. Product works quickly.

- Melanie G

The technician is very responsive to us whenever we need a treatment in between the standard appointments. Answers all our questions and does a good job.

- Cynthia W

Since we have had all 3 neighbors sprayed for mosquitos and ticks the back yard is once again a play ground for all of the kids.

- Andrew M


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