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Are you noticing more creepy, crawly spiders around your home this time of year? It’s no wonder they are a popular Halloween theme! We often get asked why spiders are more common in the Fall. Unfortunately, we have some bad news for you… the spiders you see in your household during this time of year are not just arriving because of the weather, they likely have been there all year long. We see them more often because there are simply more of them. Spiders eat other insects, other insects are prevalent in the spring and summer, so spiders have had a steady diet for the last six months, allowing them to grow, breed and increase populations.

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Most of the spiders in your home were born there and have never stepped foot (or shall we say “leg”) outside. So, if you find one spider in your home this time of year, it likely means there are more where they came from. Pretty unsettling, right? Luckily, we have a few tips you can use to keep spiders out of your home.

1. Remove Clutter

Spiders typically aren’t out and about. More often than not, they are hiding in nooks and crannies around your house in places like closets, behind boxes and other storage items. By removing piles of junk and cleaning out closets, you can make your home a less desirable place for spiders to take up residency.

2. Keep a ‘Pest-Free’ Home

Another reason you may find spiders are attracted to your home is due to the presence of other pests. Spiders aren’t going to hang around without a food source. Insects such as house flies, fruit flies and even cockroaches are common in homes and easy prey for spiders. You can cut off their food supply by keeping your home clean, putting away and/or sealing your food, and preventing pest entry from outside by making sure screens have no holes, gaps and cracks are sealed, and doors are kept closed.

3. Natural Deterrents

There are many natural home remedies that claim to repel spiders. Some that we commonly hear about are peppermint oil, vinegar, cedar and citrus peels. While spiders generally don’t care for these products, they won’t necessarily kill them or get rid of them permanently. Instead, they may temporarily deter them, but more likely, they will have no impact.

4. Insecticides

You may also consider using insecticides. While there are tons on the market, we strongly recommend you have a pest professional come and treat your home, as pesticides can cause more harm than good if used improperly. Other means of killing spiders are vacuuming them up, or the good old-fashioned way of squashing them with a shoe or newspaper. In either case, killing them will only get rid of your problem in the short term. Spider prevention requires additional examination around the home of where they might be getting in, and why they are deciding to stay.

Controlling and preventing spiders certainly isn’t easy. It requires regular maintenance and upkeep of your home and often, the help of a professional. Hiring a pest professional is the most efficient and effective way of getting rid of them for good, and helps to provide you with some piece of mind. For more information, give Wil-Kil a call.


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