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Although termites are more common in the southern part of the country, they’ve been established throughout the Midwest for a number of years. They’re fantastic for decomposing wood in forests and other natural settings, but when they’re near humans, termites are bad news. Termites set homeowners back thousands of dollars every year because of the damage they cause. Their diets are primarily made up of an organic fiber, cellulose, found in wood. This can lead to significant structural damage – including floor damage, wall damage, ceiling damage and foundation damage. Wil-Kil has the remedies needed to evaluate termite damage and get rid of termites for good.

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Commonly Asked Questions

The most common reason termites infest a home is because of moisture. Termites that build their colonies in the soil are known as subterranean termites. Standing water inside or around the foundation of your home can help create the perfect environment for termites because termites prefer softened wood. Additionally, any wood or wooden structures that come in contact with the soil around your home can act as a bridge between the ground and the inside. Termites need the cellulose offered in wood to obtain the nutrients they need to breed and survive.
Termites are typically hard to see as they stay out of sight. Eliminating termites for good requires identifying the queen and their nest. The appropriate treatment is based on how your home was constructed and the amount of damage already done. Partner up with the professionals at Wil-Kil for any and all termite control needs. Our professionals have the expertise needed to identify the source and implement the appropriate remedies.

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