Odor Control

Pests take many forms, and when your business revolves around people, scent can be a disruptive pest. Scents that get out of control can give your customers the impression of uncleanliness or a lack of concern for their comfort. Air care and odor control are inexpensive and effective ways to increase your customers’ satisfaction. Wil-Kil is in the business of pest control, and we offer a number of odor control solutions for your business, including:

  • Installation of automatic deodorizers for those areas plagued with odor control problems. Our models don’t just mask odors; they eliminate and replace them with a variety of pleasant scents.
  • Discreet, stylish and tamper-resistant units are available in a number of colors to blend with your interior. We also offer multiple sizes and both liquid and solid air freshener options.
  • Deodorizer units provide 30-days of odor protection for your business. Wil-Kil will replace your cartridges and service your units every 30-days to ensure they are functioning properly and providing optimal scent control.
  • Urinal screens are available in a flexible, translucent design that deodorizes and subtly freshens for up to 60-days.