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Prevent rodents from entering your home with exclusion

If you are wondering how to keep mice out of the house, you are not alone. Mice are one of the most frequently reported household pests in the upper Midwest. They seem to show up in the same homes year after year, and frazzled homeowners call us, hoping to hear we have an easy solution. The problem is, with mice, nothing is easy. While traps and baits are a common control method, they are only a temporary solution. As long as there is a way in, mice will keep coming back because your home offers all they need: food, shelter, and water.

The best way to get rid of mice is prevention. That does not mean buying a cat, loading your home with traps and baits, or buying an ultrasonic device. Effective rodent protection means sealing up your home and preventing mice from entering in the first place.

In the pest management industry, we call this rodent exclusion, and it’s one of the primary elements of an IPM program. With exclusion, your pest technician finds entry points in and around your home and seals them up with sealant, a special wire mesh, or even by replacing broken or damaged wood. When combined with an ongoing home maintenance program, this is the most effective way to keep mice out of your home or business.

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How Wil-Kil Rodent Exclusion Works:

Prevention is the most effective method of treatment. Our rodent exclusion services effectively prevent mice and other small rodents from entering your home – and ideally will last for several years. Here’s what is included:

  • You get an initial inspection by our exclusion specialist that will last about an hour and a half for a typical home. They will then provide the details of the follow-up actions needed (i.e. repairs that will take place) and give you an estimate for both the cost and timing of the actual exclusion process.
  • You will need to be home for inspection and implementation. Our team needs to be able to go inside your home and have access every room.

How long does treatment last?

Ideally, treatment will last for several years! For additional prevention, we recommend electing into a general home protection plan to ensure that we catch rodents as they try to make new access points into your house (because they will).

Is treatment safe for my pets and family?

Yes, exclusion is considered a green solution because there is no use of any materials, other than building materials.

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