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Wildlife Removal and Control

While observing wildlife in nature can be a relaxing pastime, there are some animals that are not pleasant to have around. Animals like raccoons, opossums, and skunks can do more harm than good. Some transmit diseases like rabies through their bite, and others can damage your home. The first step to wildlife and animal control is inspecting your yard and the areas around it to understand why the wild animals are there to begin with. Wil-Kil has an extensive process to determine these reasons and come up with a strategy to remove them for good.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Wildlife is all around us. The type of wildlife you'll find varies depending on where you live. If your land provides water, food, and areas for nesting, these are likely reasons why wildlife are infesting your home. Maintaining the condition of your home to eliminate unwanted visitors can be trying, which is why it’s recommended to call the professionals at Wil-Kil for safe control and removal.
Since wildlife vary in living conditions, eliminating the problem can involve a variety of different strategies and products. Partnering with a professional pest control company like Wil-Kil comes with a customized plan for your situation and property type. Our team begins by inspecting the area around your home, determining the reason wildlife continue to linger nearby, and coming up with a strategic plan that’s safe for all involved.
Wildlife creatures are creative. Pests like squirrels and raccoons will enter through cracks, holes, or gaps you may have in the exterior of your house. These gaps are commonly found around HVAC units, plumbing, around doors and windows, and in attic crawl spaces. To prevent wildlife from getting inside these openings, seal these using building materials like caulk and wire mesh. If you're not sure where to look or how to make these repairs on your own, please contact Wil-Kil to learn more about our exclusion services.

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Wonderful customer service!

- Traci B

Excellent services, love that they call the day before for reminders and that I don't have to be home during services!

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Professional & friendly service! Took care of the issue immediately and followed up to make sure there were no further issues. Always available if we needed anything.

- Kelly F

5 Stars for Wil-Kil.

Bob explained everything that he was going to spray , and what was in the liquid he was going to use.

Very professional. Thank you Bob. !!!! So far so good. No Bugs ????

- Kay S

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