We talk a lot about the dangers of rodents inside of homes and businesses but we don’t want you to forget that there is a threat of rodents outside as well. Meadow voles, also known as meadow mice or just voles, are a serious threat to the landscaping and even grass on properties of both homes and businesses in Eau Claire, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison and other Wisconsin communities. Our WI pest control professionals want to warn that as the snow melts this spring, you may begin to see damage to your property from an infestation of voles.

Voles look a lot like mice but have a blunt nose and a short tail. They tend to eat bulbs, roots of trees and hostas but will also go for grass roots if these other things are not available. Perhaps the worst part about having voles on your property is that they are prolific breeders. Just a few voles can turn into a hundred in a year. This means the potential for extensive damage to your expensive landscaping and that is not good as the season for gardening and landscaping projects gets underway.

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We do not consider voles to be a health risk to humans like mice and rats, which is good news to both home and business owners, but we do recommend that if you see voles or any signs of their damage that you contact Wil-Kil Pest Control right away. Voles are very difficult pests to eradicate because unlike a home or a business facility, you cannot seal off your entire property to prevent them from breaking and entering.

Wil-Kil’s wildlife control program uses natural products, baits and mechanical means to help get rid of voles and prevent damage to your landscape. Contact us for vole control and pest control in Milwaukee, Eau Claire or throughout our pest control service area, which includes Illinois, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Northeast Iowa, and Minnesota. A lot of vole damage is done through the winter so even if you are not seeing voles now, you may want to sign up for our vole control program to protect your landscape from future vole damage.

Vole Damage In WI Could Be Uncovered As Snow Melts in Sun Prairie, WI

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