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Pest Control for Food & Beverage Processing

Wil-Kil Pest Control, a pest control company serving all of Wisconsin (Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee), has been resolving pest problems for the food and beverage processing industries since 1924. We understand your high standards and bring a technically sophisticated approach and unmatched level of expertise to meet your needs.

The food processing industry has high standards when it comes to pest management. More importantly, so do your customers. That means providing your customers with safe, untainted products. One infestation or a poor audit score may drive customers away for good, no matter how well the food is produced or packaged.

Effective Pest Control Services

We recognize your pest management needs are critical to the success of your organization and require technical expertise. That’s why Wil-Kil Pest Control has developed an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program designed specifically for the highly regulated food industry – FoodGuard™

Our FoodGuard™ program will:

  • Minimize your concerns related to pests and the problems they cause
  • Provide your facilities with a sophisticated pest management program
  • Contribute to the success of your environmental initiatives through a true IPM program
  • Support your goals to be competitive and profitable with a pest-free environment
  • Protect your reputation and brand

Pests in Food Processing Plants

Wil-Kil Pest Control will safeguard your facilities with a new level of protection for your properties with solutions for flies, rodents, birds, cockroaches, ants and more:

Flies in Food Processing FacilitiesClose up of house fly.

Flies are not only a nuisance in your food and beverage facility, but they threaten the safety of your employees and products with the bacteria and diseases they spread. Wil-Kil’s FoodGuard™ program helps eliminate flies at the source and take proactive measures to prevent them in the future.


Close up of rat eating.Rodents in Food Processing Facilities

Rodents carry over 35 diseases. The presence of a rodent in a food or beverage facility can mean fines, recalls and threaten your brand reputation. There are a number of customized solutions Wil-Kil technicians can take to eliminate rodents and seal off any points of entry.


Three pigeons on railing. Birds in Food Processing Facilities

Birds live near food processing facilities as they provide safe places to live, warmth and food. Not only are birds a nuisance, but their droppings and feathers carry over 60 different diseases that are harmful to your employees and products. Bird control services by Wil-Kil help remove birds from your property and put preventative measures in place to rid them in the future.



Close up of American Cockroach on concrete.Cockroaches in Food Processing Facilities

Cockroaches are difficult to remove as they multiply quickly. Cockroaches frequent sewers, dumpsters and other bacteria ridden areas – thus providing a huge risk to your food processing facility. Your Wil-Kil technician helps seal off common entry points for cockroaches to keep your business operating smoothly.


Wil-Kil’s FoodGuard™ Program

Wil-Kil’s FoodGuard™ program is delivered by our IPM Service Specialists, who are specifically certified to provide pest management services for the highly regulated food processing and beverage industries.

They stand ready to serve you, armed with knowledge of your pest situations, environments and food industry experience. To become certified as a Signature Care IPM Service Specialist, service personnel must qualify through experience, participate in extensive training and pass a rigorous examination. In doing so, the candidate demonstrates relevant knowledge in several key areas of food industry pest management:

  • IPM, as it relates to specific pests in food facilities
  • Regulatory and inspection standards
  • Food safety and security
  • Supply chain implications
  • Brand protection

FoodGuard™ IPM Service Specialists must complete annual education and re-certification training to keep them up to date on the latest developments in Integrated Pest Management. This high degree of education, training and experience provides you with the most effective pest solutions for your food or beverage processing facility.

Partner with Wil-Kil for Comprehensive pest management

From pre-audit assessments to disinfection and 24-hour emergency services, Wil-Kil has your back, just like we have for the last 96 years. Call today (877) 808-9448 for a review of your current pest control program.

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