Bed Bug Preparation Checklist

Wil-Kil Pest Control has completed an inspection of your home and has found that bed bugs are present. Our service technicians contracted to treat your residence need your full cooperation in order to control these pests. For a successful bed bug treatment, please follow these guidelines.

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  • Everyone must be out of the home during the entire treatment and remain out until the insecticides have dried.
  • All closets and dressers must be emptied to allow inspection and treatment.
  • All clothing and bed linens must be sealed in plastic bags.
  • After treatment, all clothing and linens must be laundered and dried on the hottest cycle for at least 30 minutes. Throw plastic bags in outside trash can.
  • Mattresses and box springs- DO NOT remove or throw away. Our pest management professionals will give you further instructions on what to do with them.
  • All rooms must be clutter free. This will ensure that you will get the most thorough treatment possible.
    If possible, pry baseboards away from walls. This can be a favorite hiding place for bed bugs.
  • Vacuum the floor extensively. Dispose of contents in plastic bag, seal bag, and dispose of it in an outside trash can. Clean bag less vacuums thoroughly with hot soapy water.
  • Unplug all electrical devices and unhook TV cables. Remove electrical wall plates, phone jacks, and light switch covers.
  • DO NOT use over-the-counter insecticides! This can move bed bugs to other rooms. These applications can have adverse effects on the outcome of our treatments.

Precaution After Treatment

  1. Do NOT enter before re-entry time
  2. Avoid contact with insecticides until dry. If odor is present, ventilate by opening windows.
  3. After treatment, use quality mattress and box spring bed bug encasements. Contact Wil-Kil for more information.

After treatment, you will notice clothing, mattresses, blankets, soft cushions etc. are not the way you left them. We must move these items for thorough treatment.