Located in the heart of the Fox Valley, our Appleton Service Center services Appleton, Green Bay, Neenah, Menasha and numerous counties across northeastern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We service the highest percentage of residential customers out of the Appleton branch, and are fully committed to upholding our reputation of being the “Upper Midwest’s Quality Leader” in pest management, for all of our residential and commercial clients. The Appleton Service Center is also home to the Administrative Support Representatives, who are responsible for ensuring the information in our back-end system is 100% accurate and that our techs can work efficiently.

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Wil-Kil Regional Manager Norm Shonkwiler.

Regional Manager - Norman Shonkwiler

Norman Shonkwiler has served as regional manager for Wil Kil’s Appleton branch since August of 2016. His approach to pest control is that of a doctor assessing a patient.

“We see pest issues or have them described to us in the same way a patient shares their symptoms with a doctor. We have to take those clues to tailor a treatment protocol accordingly, then watch the results and adjust the protocol as necessary.” 

Norman believes the role of pest control in the community is to both protect our customer’s investments and the public as a whole. He strongly believes in the value of educating the community about the industry and all that it contributes to.

“Our impact can be felt more in that way than any other. Public perception of what pest control is and how it impacts us is years or decades out of date. As our industry is utilized more in business, the public’s perceptions must become more attuned to the realities of pest control and its benefits to the community as a whole.” 

Norman’s favorite thing about working at Wil-Kil is the work ethic and attention to detail of everyone here—“It’s unmatched anywhere else in the industry.”

A few of Norman’s role models are Winston Churchill, Ulysses Grant, Stephen Decatur and John Wayne. His hobbies include acting in stage plays and history.

“I like to read and study history and then spout it forth on unsuspecting family, friends or co-workers who foolishly allow themselves to be cornered by me.” 

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Jason Suleski

Service Manager - Jason Suleski

Wil-Kil Service Manager Larry Bloechl.

Service Manager - Larry Bloechl

Brandon Gosse

Service Manager - Brandon Gosse