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Stinging Insect Control

While many stinging insects are considered beneficial, their innate need to protect themselves can make them dangerous. Typically their nests are in trees, shrubs and other protected places throughout the yard. Attics, decks and sheds can also provide protected and comfortable homes for insects that sting. They pose a serious health threat, as stings can result in painful welts that could get infected, and in some cases, they can cause life-threatening allergic reactions. Partner with Wil-Kil today for any and all stinging insect needs. Our experts are trained to locate and exterminate all types of stinging insects – maintaining the safety of your home.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Stinging insects are not attracted to anything specific. While they’re often found in areas that include pollen and nectar-rich food sources, they’ve also been known to nest in areas that do not have those offerings. Most likely, they’ve found a safe haven in your property and have decided the area is perfect for nesting. It’s important to remove nests that have been constructed in high traffic areas to prevent attacks from occurring. Our stinging insect experts can properly remove these nests and restore the safety of your home quickly and conveniently.
Though there are a variety of products offered to kill stinging insects, the posed health threats that come with the job is a reason to call the professionals at Wil-Kil. Our trained professionals know the risks and have protocols set to safely and efficiently remove stinging insect nests from homes. The demand of the removal process depends on the extent of the infestation, and our professionals can determine the treatment plan necessary to remove them from your home.

Customer Reviews

Took care of the lady bug and beetle problem we were having, but I don’t have to worry about mice, wasps or any other unpleasant pests. Very trustworthy.

- Deb O

Service is exceptional! They treated a large wasp nest I had in my garden. It was so large it needed to be treated twice. I've never had problems since. They treated for spiders and I've never had any problems all season.

- Carey R

I have had 3 visits since ant infestation last summer, which I was unable to control on my own. Ants are gone, also they have addressed my wasp nests and traps for mice. Always on time and very tidy and polite. No complaints.

- Susan F


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