You probably spend a lot of time in your yard during the spring and summer months. You may have a vegetable or flower garden that you like to spend the morning or afternoons enjoying. The more time you spend outdoors, the greater your chances of getting stung by a stinging insect. Insects such as bees, wasps and hornets can be bothersome to most and even life threatening to others. As a homeowner, there are several things that you can do to help make your home and yard less attractive to these stinging insects.

Keeping your yard maintained and free of overgrown areas can help. These overgrown areas can appeal to many stinging insects that are looking for a location to create a new colony. Often we think of bees and wasps making their nests up high in eves or trees. Hornets and wasps can also make their home in tree stumps and by burrowing in the ground. So these unattended areas of your yard are ideal places to set up a colony. Regular mowing and neatly kept landscaped areas can make your home less enticing.

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When planning your landscaping, keep in mind that many flowers attract bees and wasps. They are looking for a source of nectar. If you enjoy seeing flowers in your yard, you may consider planting these in the farthest areas from your home. The more flowers you have around your house, the more likely you are to encounter the insects that they attract.

Sometimes, grilling and eating outdoors can also bring some inquisitive food foragers. They are attracted to the wonderful food smells in the grilling and eating areas. To keep from drawing these uninvited guests to your meal, it is best to keep your food covered. There are some creative ways of covering your plates of food. You can find frames with netting over them that can be placed over the serving dishes. Keeping drinks in containers with tops and straws help block the opening so no bugs can get in. By keeping a covered trash can away from the main eating area, you can make your eating space less inviting. If you have a deck, be sure to regularly check under the decking for any signs of nests. Wasps and hornets will often make nests at the joists.

With a little planning you can help make your yard and home less inviting to stinging insects. As you work and play in your yard, if you discover an existing hive or nest, remember the safest solution is to call your pest control professional. They are trained for the safe removal of stinging insects. They can also help make any additional suggestions for your home and yard.

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