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7 05, 2019

Cleansing Your Home of Cluster Flies

May 7th, 2019|Fly control, Flying Insects|

When you first think about a fly buzzing around your home, you may dismiss it as an annoyance or you may pause to consider the dangers associated with flies. House flies do in fact spread disease, bacteria and create unsanitary conditions. But there are many different species of flies that can be found in home and cluster flies are one. They are characterized by their distinct stripes behind the head and golden hairs on the thorax. If you can’t tell which type of fly you are seeing by how it looks, you can probably tell by their behavior. Cluster flies are very slow moving and often appear confused compared to the quick movements of the common house fly.

6 09, 2016

Defending Your Restaurants from Flies

September 6th, 2016|Blog, Fly control, Flying Insects, Pest Prevention, Pests, Restaurant & food service|

  It happens more frequently than we realize; we’re at a restaurant or cafe and a fly endlessly buzzes around our food. At your local [...]

30 06, 2015

Pests And Your Food

June 30th, 2015|Fly control, Pest Prevention, Restaurant & food service, Wisconsin Pest Control|

What does your home look like to bugs and rodents? Is it a foreboding place, devoid of even a morsel of food? Or, is it a buffet restaurant filled with every delicacy imaginable? In order to determine this, you have to get down to their level and see the world from their perspective. It might actually startle you how many food sources are littered throughout your home.

14 01, 2015

Where Did All These Flies Come From?

January 14th, 2015|Fly control, Flying Insects|

You might wonder sometimes where all the flies keep coming from. They can be quite mysterious. In ancient times people believed that flies spontaneously generated out of dead or rotting meat. But the truth is simple enough for a child to understand. You see, when mommy and daddy fly love each other very much--um, you get the point.

5 09, 2013

Why Flies Are A Dangerous Pest

September 5th, 2013|Fly control, Flying Insects, Pest Prevention, Restaurant & food service|

It’s happened to us all before; we’re sitting inside a restaurant and a fly buzzes over our food. In your local pizza dive, you might expect this and it might seem normal. But should it be? Having flies buzzing around the food that you eat is not safe, whether you are in a commercial diner or in your own kitchen, these insects can pose dangers to your health.

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