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As winter approaches, commercial establishments face a common and persistent threat – rodent infestations. Rodents, including rats and mice, are notorious for seeking shelter and warmth indoors during the colder months. Not only can these pests jeopardize the health and safety of employees and customers, but they can also cause property damage and harm your business’s reputation. 

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In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the importance of rodent exclusion in commercial settings, exploring Wil-Kil’s preventative methods for defending your company against these unwelcome intruders.

The Impact of Rodents in Commercial Settings

Given the challenges posed by rodents in commercial settings, rodent exclusion is not just a proactive measure- it’s a necessity.  Here are several reasons why commercial businesses should prioritize rodent exclusion:

  • Disease Prevention: By keeping rodents away with Wil-Kil’s expert guidance, your facility can protect the health of employees and customers. Because rodents are known carriers of various diseases, such as salmonella, rodent exclusion can reduce the risk of disease transmission and potential legal consequences for your business.
  • Property Damage: Rodents are also notorious chewers, so they can and will wreak havoc on your property with their destructive behaviors. Their incessant gnawing can damage structural components within a building, such as electrical wires, plumbing, and insulation. Not only is the cost of repairing such damage substantial, but the destruction inflicted by rodents can extend well beyond the eye.
  • Reputation and Customer Perception: In an age where online reviews and social media has a profound impact, the most underestimated consequence of a rodent infestation is the damage it can inflict on your organization’s reputation. A single rodent sighting or evidence of infestation can quickly spread through word of mouth, online reviews, and social media, tarnishing your image and deterring customers.



Wil-Kil’s Rodent Exclusion Methods

Getting rid of a rodent infestation takes a lot of time, expertise, and energy, which is why we recommend professional rodent control service from Wil-Kil. Now that you understand the significance of rodent control and exclusion, let’s explore the strategies and best practices Wil-Kil uses to prevent rodent infestations in commercial spaces. 

Initial Inspection

The first step in Wil-Kil’s exclusion method is an initial inspection conducted by our pest control professionals. Our technicians are specifically trained to identify entry points and early signs of infestations. In addition to spotting entry points, our technicians look for indicators of mice, such as gnaw marks or droppings.


Exclusion Repairs

When the initial inspection is complete, we will determine which durable materials to use for the exclusion repairs, based on the size and location of each entry point. This is a critical step, as the best way to keep rodents away is preventing them from getting inside in the first place.


Ongoing Prevention

Once all entry points are sealed, Wil-Kil professionals will come back for regular, ongoing inspections. This is an essential part of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. This approach brings together various pest control methods to provide long-term solutions tailored to your facility’s unique needs.


Are Wil-Kil’s Rodent Control and Exclusion Methods Safe?

In commercial settings, our priority is to take the highest level of care during the rodent control and exclusion process. We do so by minimizing material usages, using natural products, baits, and mechanical methods whenever feasible. If conventional rodent control treatments become necessary, we adhere to the safest guidelines to ensure they pose no risk to people, pets, or plants.

Choosing the Right Pest Control Partner

Implementing an effective rodent exclusion plan in a commercial setting requires expertise and experience. That being said, it is imperative that you choose the right pest control partner for your business. Wil-Kil is a reputable and qualified pest control provider with a track record of effectively managing rodent infestations in commercial environments. Here at Wil-Kil, we cater to a diverse range of industries such as:


Why Should You Hire Wil-Kil For Commercial Rodent Control?

Founded in 1924, Wil-Kil has become a quality leader in the pest control industry. We employ more than twenty Associate Certified Entomologists (ACE) and two Board Certified Entomologists (BCE). You can rest assured our expert pest control technicians possess a deep understanding of rodent behaviors, have the experience to identify entry points, and seal them effectively. 

While other contractors or in-house staff could technically make the repairs, they often lack the time and expertise required for a thorough inspection. Additionally, using DIY methods for rodent exclusion often leads to ineffective results, leaving your space more vulnerable to ongoing pest issues. By partnering with Wil-Kil, your business will benefit from our industry-leading pest control professionals who will collaboratively create a rodent control solution for your company.

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Protect Your Business With Wil-Kil’s Rodent Exclusion

While maintaining cleanliness, garbage management, and proper storage are valuable rodent prevention methods, they may not provide comprehensive, long-term rodent exclusion. Our methods are designed to protect your employees, customers and reputation from the nuisances of rodent infestations and other pests. When you’re ready to safeguard your entire business family from rodents, contact Wil-Kil.

Commercial Rodent Exclusion: Protecting Your Business in Sun Prairie, WI

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