You might wonder sometimes where all the flies keep coming from. They can be quite mysterious. In ancient times people believed that flies spontaneously generated out of dead or rotting meat. But the truth is simple enough for a child to understand. You see, when mommy and daddy fly love each other very much–um, you get the point.

The reason flies have the ability to mystify you is two parts.

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  1. Fly eggs are quite tiny. A female house fly can lay 75 to 150 eggs, and those eggs are about the size of a pea if you cram them together.
  2. Female flies prefer to hide their eggs. The reason a trashcan is a popular egg laying site is because it is dark, secluded, and filled with rotting organic material.

Outside your home they will leave their eggs in garbage cans, dumpsters, compost piles, human and pet excrement, open dumps, sewers, culvert systems, food processing plants, and rotting organic material. If you live within a hundred feet of any of these, you’ll have flies. If you have female flies, they will look to reproduce inside your home. Your goal is to keep them from finding an appropriate place.

Every home is different, but there are a couple of things all families can do to reduce or get rid of flies.

  • Keep trash fully sealed. If you have an open trash, or a can with a rocker lid, consider replacing it with a can that has a flip lid.
  • Don’t leave trash bags inside the house. If you need to stage your garbage bags in an area, do it outside your home.
  • Keep your home clean. Flies need to eat to survive. And it only takes a glob of mayonnaise to feed several flies.
  • Deep clean. If you have a spill under the fridge or rotting bacon grease on the side of your oven, you’ll give flies the food source they need and a potential breeding site.

Every home is different, and there are many ways to kill and exclude flies. I didn’t mention any of the self help ideas, because they just don’t work. For instance, if you have nasty fly strips hanging around in your kitchen, you snag a couple flies, but the root of your problem will still be producing flies.

If you live in Wisconsin, have Wil-Kil Pest Control inspect your home for breeding sites. They can cleanse infected areas, seal up entry points, and show you how to exclude flies from your home. They’ve been fixing bug problems since 1924. Give them a chance to fix yours. Contact us today.