What does your home look like to bugs and rodents? Is it a foreboding place, devoid of even a morsel of food? Or, is it a buffet restaurant filled with every delicacy imaginable? In order to determine this, you have to get down to their level and see the world from their perspective. It might actually startle you how many food sources are littered throughout your home.

Trash. You might think, yuck, but bugs and other critters are thinking, yum! These are the same creatures that will be crawling all over a dead animal on the side of the road. They aren’t as choosy as you are. So, if your trash can doesn’t seal properly, you’ll have ants, roaches, flies, mice and other household pests dining on your leftovers.

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Rotting fruit. That browning apple core might not seem tasty to you, but pests love ’em. In fact, the more rotting, the better! They’re like, “Give me more of that!” If you have children, you may want to look behind the couch every once in a while for discarded organics like apple cores and banana peels. These can present a big problem if left to decay.

Fresh fruit. Now, just because pests enjoy rotting fruit, doesn’t mean they won’t dig into something fresh. If you’re the kind of person who thinks fruit makes a great centerpiece on the dining room table, you’re asking for trouble. Most bugs can easily climb up onto that table and get to that fruit because they have little hairs on their legs that allow them to cling to pits and pores in the wood that you can’t even see. If a fly gets into your house, especially a fruit fly, that fruit is going to also become a breeding site.

Crumbs. You may not think much of those crumbs around and under your toaster, but to an ant or a fly, those things are ginormous! Creepy crawly bugs will also enjoy crumbs that land in your carpet. If you want a home that resists bugs, clean your rugs and floor regularly, and make sure your toaster stays as crumb free as possible. There’s no need to be feeding those pests croutons.

Stored food. We’ve talked about food sources you may leave around the house, but stored foods can also be a draw for pests. If you have pantry items that are packaged in paper or cardboard, you may want to consider getting hard plastic, sealable containers to put those foods in. Not only can rodents chew through those materials, they can smell the foods inside. The last thing you want is the aroma of food drawing critters into your cabinets.

Your home contains many food sources. Keeping things clean can help you resist all those tiny creatures that want to squeeze in through the nooks and crannies in search of treats. It also helps to get year-round pest control service

. The more your exterior walls work to keep pests out, the less you have to worry about keeping things clean.

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