If you are a business owner or manager then you know that it takes consistent work and effort to keep your facility pest free. And despite the amount of time and energy that goes into your pest control efforts, it is necessary in order to protect your company’s pristine image. If you are one of the many businesses in Wisconsin that struggles to keep rodents, flies, cockroaches, and other pests out, then you may be interested in reading on to discover three areas in or around commercial facilities that are likely to attract pests.

  1. Loading docks – The first target that can lead to serious pest infestations comes from the loading docks which leave a lot of open space for pests to come inside. As trucks are entering, loading, unloading, and exiting, there is a lot of space for any size pest to crawl or fly right into the facility. To aid in this problem, it is recommended to keep entry points on loading docks closed as much as possible.  Also do not allow cardboard boxes and other materials to collect as they provide ideal hiding spots for opportunistic pests.
  2. Dumpsters – Another target of many pest issues comes from the dumpsters located outside of facilities. Allowing dumpsters to become overrun with trash bags and other waste, is like an open invitation to foraging insects and rodents.  And unfortunately if a dumpster is too close to the facility, pest activity is likely to migrate inside which could lead to the spread of bacteria and diseases inside the facility. For this reason, dumpsters should always be located far away from the exterior of your business, emptied often and crates, boxes and other trash should not be deposited outside of it.
  3. Kitchens – Whether you own a restaurant with a commercial kitchen or a smaller business with a regular sized kitchen, this is always an area that attracts pests. Kitchens provide the food and water resources that most critters are after, thus the attraction. And when pests get into the kitchen, serious issues like food poisoning, contamination, and bacteria come into play. This can shut down your business which makes sanitation and pest control in the kitchen highly important!  Reduce the risk by keeping floors, counters and other food prep areas free of crumbs and spills; thoroughly clean appliances to remove food and grease; correct clogged drains to eliminate breeding sites; and remove trash regularly.

If these areas of your business are not causing you any pest problems that is great! But if you are struggling to keep these areas free of bugs and rodents then it is time to implement a pest management plan that addresses your company’s pest pressures and focuses on elimination and prevention.

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3 Commercial Areas Likely To Attract Pests in Sun Prairie, WI

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