Have you heard of bioremediation? If you are in the food service industry, chances are you have. Bioremediation is any process that makes use of microorganisms or their enzymes to sanitize a contaminated environment and this is especially important in the food service industry, where cleanliness can be of the utmost importance. At Wil-Kil, we take our commercial bioremediation services very seriously. If you have bad odors emanating from your restaurant kitchen or your drain line or grease traps are clogged, you may be attracting flies, rodents and other obnoxious pests that may cause you to lose customers and have your reputation become tarnished. We understand how badly a drainage problem can be for your bar, restaurant or food processing facility and that’s why we offer our professional bioremediation services throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northern Illinois, Northeast Iowa and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

If your commercial facility has clogged soda and beer trap drain lines, grease traps or other hard to clean areas, bioremediation is an excellent solution for you. Our Wil-Kil bioremediation technician will employ products into your drainage system that contain different bacterias that will break down organic matter that sticks to pipe and tank walls. These bacteria will digest the organic debris that may be clogging your systems, changing this debris into carbon dioxide and water. These bacteria will continue to reproduce, which only increases the benefits of your bioremediation program.  This can all result in decreased grease trap maintenance, reduced build-up and pumping of drainage lines as well as lower sanitation costs overall for your commercial facility.

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If there are odors coming from your restaurant’s kitchen, or your bar is having drain-line clogging troubles, bioremediation is the solution for you. Contact the professionals at Wil-Kil today for a bioremediation consultation and we can make sure your business is running smoothly once again.

Bioremediation For The Commercial Sector in Sun Prairie, WI

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