If you’ve ever experienced a kitchen that couldn’t seem to shake off an ant infestation, you already know first-hand that it’s something you don’t want to go through a second time.

Ants are a notoriously intimidating foe within the kitchen. Once they arrive, it feels like you find them everywhere, all the time. It’s annoying at best and a health problem at worst.

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Whether you’re dealing with an infestation right now or you are trying to take a proactive measure against their presence in the future (something we always encourage), Wil-Kil wants to lend a hand with our Wisconsin ant control assistance. Whether our direct, professional service or simply utilizing the knowledge we’ve accrued over a long time in the pest control industry, we want to give you the best fighting chance at creating and preserving a safe cooking space for yourself, your family, or your customers.

We’ve compiled a primer on the ins and outs of dealing with an ant infestation in your home or commercial kitchen. From cleaning tips to what products to use, you’ll learn all you need to know about Wisconsin ant control in this blog from Wil-Kil.

A trail of ants grab pieces of a crouton on a kitchen counter.

Pest Control for Ants—It’s An Art

Ants are a common household pest that can be seen crawling around kitchens, especially during the warmer months. Let’s take a closer look at what brings these ants into your kitchen:

What Attracts Ants to Kitchens?

Ants are attracted to kitchens because they offer an abundant source of food, water, and warmth. Ants have a keen sense of smell and can detect even the smallest crumbs left behind from meals, as well as sweet liquids like spilled juice or soda, making every kitchen an ideal place for them to visit.

The presence of moisture also attracts ants. Leaky faucets, damp sponges, and wet kitchen towels provide ideal breeding grounds for ants. Moreover, dirty dishes piled up in the sink provide a ready-made feast for ants looking for some easy pickings. Cluttered countertops, cabinets, and pantries are also a very common attractant for this pest — Items like sugar jars, honey bottles, or open cereal boxes can easily attract ants that are always on the lookout for their next meal.

Restaurant Ant Control Tips

While the same rules that apply to residential kitchens also apply to restaurants and other commercial establishments, we also recommend a few additional tips for businesses looking to curb their ant pest control problem.

  • Proper waste disposal: To maintain a clean, pest-free environment, you must remove all food waste as effectively as possible. Make sure to thoroughly scrub your counters and floors, and ensure your garbage bags are tied securely and taken out regularly.
  • Adequate storage. Food storage areas and containers should be tightly sealed to prevent ants (and other pests) from having free reign.
  • Traps and Sprays. Consider implementing routine pest control measures such as hiring a pest control provider to treat around the perimeter of your restaurant or use ant baits in problem areas. It’s important to choose products that are safe for both customers and employees, so a strong knowledge of ant control products is important.

A pest control technician sprays along the floor of a kitchen with pesticides.

Put Your Faith in Reliable Wisconsin Ant Control from Wil-Kil

Wil-Kil has been in the residential and commercial ant control  industry for almost a full century, and we’re confident in our fine-tuned, experience-driven service. Whether in your home or in a professional kitchen (we cover a variety of industries), we strive to reinforce our professional reputation of customer service excellence.

If you’re in need of emergency service, or you want to take preventative action to stave off the threat of pests, reach out to our team via our virtual contact form, or give us a call at either 800-335-5315 for residential inquiries, or 800-236-8735 for commercial inquiries.

Whether it’s restaurant ant control or a need for someone to design a long-term preventive plan for your home kitchen, Wil-Kil has your back. We can’t wait to help keep your favorite spaces pest-free!