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There is a common misconception that lice begin in the homes of dirty people, and that we can protect ourselves by not sharing hats, scarves, and other clothing near our heads. Though these precautions can help prevent the spread of lice, it is unlikely that lice spontaneously appear on the heads of dirty people. Like all insects, the only way lice are going to get into your hair is by crawling into it. One of the biggest questions when it comes to lice is, where do they come from?

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Asking this question is a lot like asking, “Where do fleas come from?”. The answer is, they’re everywhere. They’re in a meadow. on your lawn, and they’re on your dog. Fleas and lice are similar in that they are both parasites and they both eat blood. Yes, lice are worse than you thought. Since lice crave warmth and human blood, you’ll most likely find lice on humans.

If there is a lice outbreak in your school, there are several ways this could have started. Someone could have visited your community and unknowingly started the spread of lice. It’s possible to catch lice on vacation, while camping, or at a friend’s house. There are other ways to catch lice, but it’s important to understand that lice don’t come from dirty people. Anyone can get lice.

So, can head lice really come from mice?

While animals such as mice or rats can certainly bring other insects into your home, it’s unlikely it will be head lice. Lice cannot live more than a day without the constant nourishment they get from living on a human’s scalp. This means they won’t be crawling around your house – at least not for very long. The most common way lice are spread are by transmission of their eggs, also called nits, onto fabrics. This can happen if a person with lice uses a blanket on your couch or a towel in your bathroom. Anywhere a person comes in contact with clothing, towels, upholstery, blankets, and other clothing, lice can spread.

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