If might be fascinating to watch tiny fleas doing amazing feats of strength, swinging on a trapeze, diving from a high place into a pool of water or being fired from a canon, but in your home, they are far from entertaining. Fleas leave itchy, irritating bites on you and your pets–bites that can mean loss of hair and sickness for your pet, and dangerous illnesses for you and your family.

The CDC warns that fleas are still a vector for the plague. Though not as dangerous now as it was back in the Middle Ages, the Black Death (also known as the bubonic plague) is still a frightening illness to have. That is why flea prevention is a must for every household–even if you don’t have pets. If you think you’re safe from the plague in Wisconsin, you might want to take a look at this map of plague cases in the United States.

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Realistically, you’re chances of getting the plague are low, but while you’re protecting yourself from all the other diseases fleas spread, like tungiasis, Ricketts, typhus, spotted fever, and bartonellosis, why not protect your family from being another statistic on a CDC map?

Here are the known and effective ways to prevent fleas in a home:

  • Reduce rodent habitats around your home by Removing brush, rock piles, junk, and cluttered firewood.
  • Do not leave food out that rats are drawn to, like pet food and fruit.
  • Keep fleas off your pets by applying flea control products. Fleas are a danger to your pet, but also a vehicle they use to get into your home. Consult your veterinarian for advice.
  • Seal exterior trash cans to prevent flea-carrying wildlife into your yard, especially rats.
  • Have the pro’s here at Wil-Kil perform a home pest control service and we will apply flea treatments to your yard and inspect for dangers associated with plague and disease.

Fleas are incredible creatures. Some say fleas can lift 100 times their weight, and that they can jump 200 times their own body length. That is pretty cool, but take precaution. Though only a percentage of fleas carry disease in their bodies, that fact is more than enough reason to keep them from turning your home into a circus.

Contact the pro’s here at Wil-Kil Pest Control today to start sending that flea circus packing!

Does Your Milwaukee Home Feel Like A Flea Circus? in Sun Prairie, WI

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