Exclusion. Have you heard the term? Do you know what it means? Well, the golden age of Pesticides is behind us. Pest companies no longer come to your house and douse everything–including your bed–in a heavy coating of pesticides. Though this method was highly effective at killing bugs, it did a pretty good job of making humans sick too. In this modern day, pest control companies rely on a worldwide database of pest information to “exclude” pests from your home. Think of exclusion as a sort of cold shoulder. If we were talking about a human pest, exclusion would come in the form of, perhaps, not answering the door, not returning a phone call, or putting a lock on the door.

When winter comes, bugs and wildlife are going to want to get into your home. Like that unwanted human pest, there are ways to exclude insects and mammals.

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Here are some examples of exclusion methods.

  1. Don’t leave the refreshments out. Pests love food. Keeping your inside and outside garbage cans covered will keep the smell from attracting pests. Open trash is also a breeding site for flies and other flying insects. If you produce flying insects, you’ll draw creatures that love to eat those flying insects.
  2. Don’t give bugs something fun to do. Bugs and critters love a cluttered yard. They play in construction material, wood piles, cinder blocks, swing sets and a variety of other yard clutter.
  3. Lock the door. Bugs and rodents are looking for a way in. Use a caulking gun to fill holes and cover any vents with screen. You can also use window screening to cover your chimney so pests can’t climb down in.
  4. Make their visit uncomfortable. With all pests, an exterior wall spray or perimeter spray can make their stay very uncomfortable. Home modifications can also deter wildl ife. Pointy wire on electric cables will keep birds off and rodents from crossing. Wire mesh in downspouts will keep rodents from climbing up–this includes squirrels. Adding sharp things on lattice or exterior piping will keep raccoons and other mammals from scaling your walls.
  5. Pull in the welcome mat. Inspect and replace damaged window screens, door screens, door sweeps and weather stripping. This is the most common entry point for bugs.
  6. Put away snacks. If bugs come in, like scouting ants, don’t let them find crumbs in your carpet, sticky juice on the floor, jelly on the counter, or any other food source. If you keep things clean, you’ll have fewer bugs.

Exclusion is simple. Make your house less attractive and pests will go somewhere else. Contact a pest control company today and learn about Integrated Pest Management. This could be the last day you live with bugs and critters in your home. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Exclusion Tips To Seal Out Overwintering Pests in Sun Prairie, WI

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