Close up of mosquito on skin.This summer has been filled with outdoor activities like barbecues, pool parties, and holiday celebrations. Unfortunately, nothing ruins the festivities more than you or your guests having to constantly slap, scratch and swat because of pesky mosquitoes.

Not only do their bites cause incessant itching and can make one feel uncomfortable for the duration of an event, but mosquitoes can carry a variety of uncommon, yet harmful diseases such as West Nile virus, Dengue Fever, and Zika virus. No one wants to put themselves or their guests in this kind of situation.

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Here are a few tips and trick you can follow to avoid mosquitoes around your home and yard:

  • Remove Standing Water

Standing water is the absolute breeding ground for mosquitoes, so be sure to remove any and all of it around your home. After rainfall, water can accumulate in potted plants, children’s toys, and garden equipment. Be sure to regularly empty them out. If you have bird baths or children’s pools, empty them at least once a week.

  • Candles

Lighting mosquito-repelling candles around an outdoor event can help to limit the number of mosquitoes in the area, and deliver temporary relief for you or guests.

  • Provide Repellent

When you start hear the mosquitoes buzzing, you know it’s probably time to put on repellent. Always be sure to have plenty of repellent on hand to reduce the risk of bites, especially if you are hosting an event. Be sure to read labels before applying any repellent.

  • Avoid Harmful Over-the-Counter Sprays and Chemicals

While there are plenty of mosquito-killing products such as lawn chemicals and sprays available for purchase, these can be incredibly hazardous if used improperly or in excess. Before you douse your yard in chemicals, remember this can be dangerous for your guests, children, and even pets if you do not follow the label instructions. The results of these over-the-counter applications will also be short-lived, since they do not have residual properties.

  • Ask a Professional

While the above mosquito repellent tricks can provide quick relief, they won’t eliminate the problem. That is very challenging to do without a professional, who can identify the habits of mosquitoes and control their populations.

Let Us Help You

Wil-Kil offers a mosquito pest control solution that will help minimize mosquito population without excessive use of chemicals. We will treat where mosquitoes rest and breed (areas that are shaded) and will do so with the smallest amount of active ingredient needed to address your problem. We value the health and safety of our customers and their families, and only use products that are EPA registered for pest control. Wil-Kil offers both ongoing mosquito control services to provide relief all summer long, and special event treatments.

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Five Ways to Enjoy a Mosquito-Free Summer in Sun Prairie, WI

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