Seen here in its natural habitat, the North American mess maker is a creature that can thrive in the stickiest of environments. Not easily taken to living in captivity, the mess maker can be found getting into protected areas in search of items of a confectionery nature. When caught, this little critter uses a self-defense mechanism to subdue predatory disciplinarians with its adorable curls and wide eyes. Though not technically considered a pest, the North American mess maker can set the conditions for other pest creatures to infest your home. Here are some tips for minimizing the damage.

Sticky Hands.

The mess maker is quick and agile. If you leave food out, they can have that food on their clothes, in their hair, and smeared across other surfaces before you can say, “no don’t touch that!” These sweet smears are a lure for ants, flies, roaches, and other household pests.

Dropped Food.

The mess maker is an easily distracted creature that is given to dropping food suddenly, and wandering off. It is important to only allow the mess maker to eat in a designated area, and clean them thoroughly when finished. Cockroaches are fond of crawling on the mess maker while it sleeps, and will explore mouth, nose, and ears where sweet smells emanate.
The North American mess maker is also prone to allowing fruit loops and other food matter to roll under the refrigerator. It is a good idea to check these areas periodically for juice, crumbs, and other rotting organic matter.
Couches are a popular food storage area for the mess maker. It is known to drop cookie chunks, popcorn, chips and lollipops between cushions, and down behind the entire couch. This draws mice, rats, ants and other pests out of the walls and into your living room.

Unnecessary wetness.

Household pests love the wetness the mess maker leaves behind. Silverfish are drawn to damp book pages, and other moistened paper products. Spiders and insects are drawn to a puddle left in a sink where the mess maker has neglected to turn the faucet off completely.

Help Is Available.

If you are unable to keep the mess maker from luring pests into your home, you can always consider hiring a pest control company to seal your exterior walls, and apply a limited treatment on the outside of your home. This won’t harm the mess maker, and you’ll be able to let a few of those messes sit for a while. After all, it is a lot more fun to play with those little mess makers than it is to clean up after them.

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