Pest infestations in businesses can seriously affect their image and reputation for a long time to come. Even with a well-kept facility, some pests are really good at sneaking inside and trying to take over. Thankfully there are ways that business owners and managers can both prevent pests and treat for existing infestations. For businesses in Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee and surrounding areas, Wil-Kil Pest Control, the Wisconsin pest control experts, would like to offer some tips on how to keep your business free of nuisance and damaging insects and rodents.

Do your part to keep your business clean

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This goes for the boss, management, and all employees, it is very important that each worker does their part to keep a clean facility. Whether you are working in an office, restaurant, school, or store, cleanliness and elimination of things that attract pests is the key to keeping your place free of rodent, insect and other pest infestations. Simple daily cleaning, especially of any food sources or garbage will help to promote a pest free workplace.

Always maintain your commercial pest control services

Maintaining a regular commercial pest control service is a great way to remain free of any pest issues. Due to the high risk of destroying your brand and image, it is important to allow the pest control experts to come into your business for regular inspections and treatments when necessary.

If you are one of the many concerned about the effects of pesticides and other chemicals with your pest control services, you are not alone. Wil-Kil has been keeping up with the latest Integrative Pest Management techniques to not only keep your business free of infestations, but to also help keep the environment clean and safe for us all. Between preventative measures and non-chemical pest treatments, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a pest free and chemical free workplace.

Specific to your industry, there are different services that will be customized to most effectively treat your business. For example, the food service industry requires a different approach than an educational facility.

Bioremediation is a great compliment

If you are looking for a great compliment to your current commercial pest control services, consider a bioremediation program. This is a bacteria-based solution that targets the sanitation issues which commonly lead to pest infestations. By eating up oil, grease and other matter, a bioremediation service will help to eliminate the common breeding sites of flies, cockroaches and other pests. These treatments are great for floors, walls, drains, soda lines, and equipment that is hard to clean. Because it is live bacteria used, after the treatment, the bacteria continue to multiply and continue to eat away at the grease, oil and other waste.

If you would like to learn more about how your business could benefit from Wil-Kil’s commercial pest control services, contact one of our commercial pest control experts today. With a large service area including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northern Illinois, Northeast Iowa and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, we have your business covered.

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