August is here, which means we’ve arguably hit the last month of summer. It sure flew by, but before the kids are back to school, we still have time to take advantage of the warm evenings and fire up the grill, blend up the drinks and enjoy an evening with family and friends outside. Cookouts are perhaps one of the most treasured of summer memories, but we’ve all experienced those moments where pests like mosquitoes seem to put a damper on an otherwise great time. If you are planning to host the next cookout, we recommend taking a couple of minutes to find out how you can keep pests from crashing your party.

Pest proofing is not just a summer time task, it really should carry throughout every season. But, if you’ve already scheduled your next cookout, you really don’t want to put off pest-proofing another day. It’s always good to head into a party knowing you made your home less attractive to summer pests including mosquitoes, wasps and other stinging insects. The experts in pest control at Wil-Kil would like to share a few effective tips on how to pest proof your home.

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  • Check that all windows and doors have screens with no holes or tears. Make sure that windows and screens fit spaces tightly, without gaps.
  • Remove items from your property that collect water such as toys, cans, and plant pots. These receptacles can catch rain water, which mosquitoes will breed in.
  • Clean out gutters so that water does not sit stagnant; again, this is another mosquito breeding area.
  • Make sure your ditches are flowing with water and not standing still to eliminate standing water.
  • Change water in bird baths regularly.
  • Fill in holes around the property that collect with water.
  • Screen around vents and seal gaps around windows and doors to prevent pest entry.
  • Install yellow sodium vapor lighting in exterior lights to attract fewer insects to your lights.

In addition to making your property less appealing to these insect party crashers, you should also avoid being outside during peak mosquito activity, which is typically at dawn and dusk. This may create a scheduling issue as most cookouts occur in the early evening hours, so be sure to supply guests with effective insect repellent containing DEET or Picaridin if you must be out during these times.

One last word about pest proofing: Although pest-proofing is extremely helpful in preventing intruding pests, it is not always enough. If you have noticed ants, stinging insects and other pests in and around your home, click here  to find out how Wil-Kil Pest Control can help. We have over 90 years of experience in the pest control industry, and our experienced technicians know exactly what steps are necessary to keep your home pest free.

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