Ladybug infestations happen every fall. As the temperature dips, those little ladybugs start invading–sometimes, by the hundreds. Are you living with them now? As you read this blog is a ladybug slowly crawling across the top of your monitor? Why are you putting up with them? They buzz around the lights in the kitchen. They stack up on your window sills. They’re all over the walkway on the way to the car. And, if you wear dress shoes, you are all too familiar with that nasty crunching sound they make when you squish one by accident. It’s nasty! So, why do you put up with ladybugs?

How do I keep ladybugs out of my home?

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  • If you already have ladybugs crawling around inside your home, get a vacuum or dustbuster, and suck them up. Once you feel confident you’ve gotten them all, work on sealing your home.
  • Protection from ladybugs starts with good screens. Check all your door and window screens, to make sure there are no gaps or holes. If you don’t have screens, invest in them. Most ladybugs enter through windows and doors, so keep them screened, and keep them closed–even the garage door.
  • Ladybugs also get in through cracks, especially in old houses. I know it feels daunting, but you can seal up your home. Check the foundation for cracks or holes. Bugs get in through cracks around pipes, outlets, and air conditioners–or through vents. Screen those vents and repair damaged or rotted wood. Caulk up cracks and gaps, and seal cement. This won’t just keep out ladybugs, this will go a long way to keeping a whole host of bugs out.
  • Install doors sweeps and weather stripping, to f urther protect your doors from infiltration. If you already have these, make sure they are sealed properly. Sometimes gravity pulls weather stripping down, and it needs to be slid back up. It only take a tiny crack for a ladybug to get through.

How do I keep ladybugs off my house?

Okay. Your home is sealed, but the ladybugs are collecting on the screens, and all over your porch and walkway. This is the step most people procrastinate on. Call a pest professional. They can spray the side of your home in targeted areas, so those ladybugs don’t want to be on your siding. This spray will not affect your children or your pets. It will just deter ladybugs from crawling on your exterior walls, and piling up on your sills. This produces another benefit. If they can’t cling to your house, which is the bright happy thing they were attracted to, they will go to your neighbor’s house. That mean less bugs on your walkway.

Seriously! You don’t have to live with ladybugs, or dozens of other household pests. It’s that simple. Get a professional involved, even if it is just to have a free inspection. They have the knowledge and expertise to help you rid your home of bugs. Don’t spend another fall being invaded by ladybugs.

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Ladybug’s Take over Fall in Sun Prairie, WI

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