It’s already cooling down and it won’t be long before the snow flies in Milwaukee, Madison and throughout Wisconsin. Right now insects, rodents and other pests are making their way indoors in search of the ideal overwintering site and your home or business may suit their needs.

Ants, spiders, mice, box elder bugs and other pests are common fall pest problems and may, depending on the pest, go unnoticed or cause damage inside your structure that could lead to fire hazards and expensive repair bills. To prevent pests from invading your Wisconsin home or business, Wil-Kil Pest control, a Wisconsin pest control company, would like to offer property owners and managers some suggestions for pest-proofing.

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Eliminate Food Sources

  • Store food in airtight containers
  • Clean up spills on counters and floors as soon as they happen
  • Vacuum or sweep under appliances regularly
  • Empty trash cans frequently
  • Bring pet food inside every night
  • Do not hang bird feeders or provide food for wild animals around your property
  • Repair leaky pipes and eliminate excessive moisture in areas such as the bathroom, kitchen or basement

Remove Harborages

  • Woodpiles should be stored well away from the dwelling and off the ground
  • Trim shrubs and trees away from the foundation to avoid “bridges”
  • Eliminate clutter in the attic, basement and garage as well in storage areas
  • Keep cardboard boxes, crates and other trash picked up around commercial kitchens and loading docks
  • Store clothing and personal items in containers that aren’t susceptible to gnawing

Exclude Pests From The Outside

  • Seal holes, gaps and cracks in the foundation and around utilities
  • Apply weather stripping around doors and windows
  • Replace or mend torn screens
  • Seal off pet doors
  • Install chimney caps and cover vents and drains with fine mesh screens

For more tips on how you can prevent insect and rodent infestations in your home or business, contact Wil-Kil Pest Control. We also offer residential and commercial pest control services in Milwaukee, Madison and throughout Wisconsin and our service area that are designed to eradicate pest activity that is already present as well as protect property against future infestation.

Overwintering Pests Are Looking For Shelter In Your Home Or Business in Sun Prairie, WI

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