With the start of the New Year in Madison, Milwaukee and surrounding areas of Wisconsin, it is time to make your resolutions. This year, focus on resolutions that will benefit you and your family by creating a pest free home. The cold winter is here and it’s here to stay for a while, so instead of putting off those projects and risking an infestation in your home, adopt these resolutions so you can enjoy this winter season, minus the pests.

1. Seal up cracks outside of your home

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Many pests do not go away with the cold; in fact, they would much rather be in your home through the cold winter season so they can stay active, fed, and warm. Pests such as mice, rats, and spiders will have no problem squeezing through a tiny crack of your siding, roofing, or pipes if they have the chance to spend their winter in a warm home. If any air or light can come through your home’s exterior, then there’s a good chance a pest can also fit. Even though you may not feel like doing any outside work in the midst of winter, before the snow piles any higher, now is the time to properly seal your home’s exterior to avoid hosting a winter vacation for pests.

2. Remove trash from your home or garage

With temperatures falling and weather becoming more severe, it becomes much harder to stay consistent on taking out the garbage. Even though it may seem like you’re saving yourself by letting a few bags of garbage pile up in the garage, you are only providing a buffet of food for rodents and other pests to enjoy. Be sure that you stay consistent on properly removing trash from your home to avoid an infestation.

3. Keep clean floors and surfaces

Try to make a routine of daily cleaning, especially in your kitchen. Pests such as rodents and ants are looking for your left over crumbs and spills to feed on. Wipe up spills immediately and try to sweep or vacuum floors daily to keep a pest free home. Also consider sorting through any stacks or piles of items stored in your home. Spiders and rodents will enjoy finding a safe haven behind or under any storage items that you do not come into contact with on a regular basis.

These resolutions may seem like a nuisance, but rest assured you will spend much less time and energy in the future if you prevent pests from coming into your home in the first place rather than waiting for a problem to arise. If you do find yourself in the midst of any type of pest infestation in your Wisconsin, Illinois or Minnesota home or would like more information on pest control, contact Wil-Kil Pest Control.  We will be with you as soon as we can, sometimes within 24 hours, and we will work hard to provide home pest control solutions that will suit your specific pest concerns.

Resolutions For A Pest Free Home in Sun Prairie, WI

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