Bed bugs are nasty, hitchhiking pests that commonly infest homes, hotels and apartments. Apartment buildings are one of the most common victims of infestations due to the greater number of personal belongings and bed bugs’ ability to travel quickly. Unfortunately, if you ever catch yourself in the middle of a bed bug fiasco, then you’re in for an overwhelming ride! Thankfully, our staff of trained experts have some helpful insight if you’re an apartment owner or property manager facing a bed bug problem.

How To Know If Bed Bugs Are Lurking in Your Apartment Complex

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If you’re currently renting out an apartment and a tenant has notified you of a bed bug problem, try to remain calm! Although a bed bug infestation can be alarming, we have some tips that can be helpful in identifying if you have a bed bug problem before calling the experts. Tenants should look for the following signs:


  • Small blood spots on sheets. If bed bugs are feeding, then it’s not uncommon they will be squished and leave behind small blood spots on bed sheets.
  • Search the cracks and crevasses around the unit. A grown bed bug is visible and can look similar to an apple seed. They are also commonly found near, or in, small cracks and openings in a room. If you spot one, or more, of these tiny pests, then you know you’ve got a situation on your hands.
  • Look for poop…bed bug poop. Bed bugs can be easily identified by their fecal matter, which resembles black ink that has been soaked into fabric.

Can I Treat Bed Bugs On My Own?

If you or a tenant notices these signs, then it’s time to call in a professional! Although doing it yourself may seem like a more cost-efficient route, do-it-yourself treatments can be costly, dangerous and are rarely effective. Bed bugs are very hardy insects, so there are only a select few materials that can help control them. Not only that, but even if you find a product that does work, in most cases, it needs to physically be applied on each and every bed bug in order to eliminate them – a virtually impossible task. Thankfully, professionals have the tools and knowledge to eliminate bed bugs quickly. We highly recommend saving the superhero cape and harsh chemicals for another day.

If You’re The Landlord, Then You Need To Act FAST!

If you’re the landlord in this situation, then you need to try and eliminate these pests even quicker than you think. What makes apartments such a challenge is there are a lot of shared walls, and that means if you let a bed bug issue in one apartment wait, it can be two or three apartments in a very short period. Bed bugs can spread quickly through shared walls or by being picked up in common spaces and brought back to another apartment, and they can damage your brand’s reputation. While you’re on the case to find a professional, make sure to reassure your residents that helps is on the way. In the end, you want what’s best for your renters while keeping your reputation intact.

Why You Can Trust Wil-Kil

Once you’ve identified the presence of bed bugs in your apartment, choosing a trusted partner to take care of your problem is the next step! At Wil-Kil, we perform a variety of inspections prior to treatment and have different options when it comes to controlling bed bugs. We have been a trusted, pest control partner since 1924 and look forward to helping you eliminate any trace of bed bugs in your apartment building.

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