Reporter: Chris Baylor

Posted: 10:51 PM Oct 4, 2011

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Updated: 10:52 PM Oct 4, 2011– Creepy, crawly bugs from spiders to box elders seem to be moving into our homes looking for a warm place to spend the night.

Experts say this year’s weather has given rise to more bugs, especially spiders, and many of them are starting to head indoors. Agriculture agents and pest control companies say this is typically the time of year we will start to see more bugs coming near the home.

With our recent freeze, experts say that was a signal to the spiders to come knocking on your door for winter. This time of year we often see Asian Beetles and Box Elder Bugs trying to make their way into our homes but this year spiders will be high on the list of pesky bugs.

“I would say a 3-5% increase in calls for spiders in the last six weeks. Between September and the first two weeks in October we see a rise,” says Tom Majors.

Majors is the Regional Manager for Wil-Kil Pest Control in Eau Claire. He’s seeing a modest increase in business but says because of the economy he might not be getting as many calls for service. He says the best way to keep spiders and other insects out is to get to them before they get in.

“We would prefer to do the outside of a home rather than the inside. If it’s done on the outside then you shouldn’t have the problems on the inside,” says Majors.

“Typically we’ll see spiders move into the home when they’re looking to hide from the winter conditions. If you do see them in your home we have very few poisonous ones and if you do they’re very rare. In most cases you can just shoo spiders outside,” says Jerry Clark with the UW-Extension Office.

Clark says our weather has been a big factor in bringing out the bugs. He says the last two years have been wetter making perfect conditions for spiders to grow.

“That’s what they like, wet darker conditions, and so they’re breeding and reproduce in those conditions a little better then a real dry condition so right now they have more water available to them,” says Clark.

The experts say the best thing you can do is make sure the base of your home is clean and clear since most spiders get into the home around the foundation. They also say lights attract their meals so a lot of spiders will be found there. If they do get inside the best thing to do is brush them back out. Clearing webs only stops them for a bit but will not kill them or force them back outside.


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Spiders sneak in during bug boom in Sun Prairie, WI

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