With winter coming to a close, it’s not too hard to believe that warmer weather is actually right around the corner. As spring approaches, thoughts of cleaning up homes and yards are on the forefront of everyone’s minds.

At Wil-Kil Pest Control, we want to make sure your home remains pest free all year round, but especially as you begin your spring-cleaning journey.

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Here is a spring house cleaning checklist to get you started!

Get Rid of Clutter

Many critters such as , spiders, ants, and rodents love to find hiding places among piles of clutter. High-clutter places such as bedrooms, basements, garages, and attics should be a priority when it comes to spring cleaning.

Get rid of items you don’t need and store other loose items, especially valuables, in air-tight plastic containers. Many rodents and small insects will chew away at cardboard boxes to use for nests, so containers like large plastic bins are a better option for storing belongings.

Deep-Clean Your Kitchen

A place that most often attracts unwanted insects and rodents is the kitchen. Between dropped food crumbs, expired ingredients, and unkempt cabinets, insects have no trouble using your kitchen as their food source.

To avoid inviting pests into your kitchen, throw away any expired food—including pantry ingredients like flour or sugar. Wipe down all shelves in your pantry, cabinets, and fridge.

Don’t forget to get into all the cracks and crevices in your kitchen such as under your refrigerator, in the corners of the cabinets, and behind any kitchen counter appliances.

Finish up by mopping your floors and storing dry ingredients in sealed containers. Ants, mice, and flies will have no choice but to vacate your home once you’ve finished your kitchen spring cleaning.

Make Quick Home Repairs

Many critters find their way into homes looking for warmth and shelter. An easy way to prevent this is by blocking their entrances into your house.

Performing quick maintenance to both the interior and exterior of your home won’t take too much time but will be much worth the effort. Patch holes in screen doors and windows, seal cracks in windows and doors, install door sweeps, and make sure vent covers are still intact.

Cracks, crevices, and small openings are perfect ways for unwanted guests to find their way inside your home. Repairs can take as little as five minutes, but save you a whole lot more time in the long run.

Tidy up outdoor spaces.

With snow melting on the ground and chilly weather still making an appearance, you may forget about doing outdoor spring cleaning. However, some of the places most likely to attract pests to your home are found outside your home.

Get rid of any puddles of standing water, clean out your gutters, and move piles of debris, leaves, or firewood away from the exterior of your house.

Mosquitoes can quickly reproduce in puddles of water, while termites, dangerous spiders, and ticks love the warmth and shelter piles of leaves and wood provide.

Cleaning up your yard and not only will you impress your neighborhood, you will also keep pests away from your cozy inside spaces.

Clean Out Pesky Pests with Wil-Kil

Most importantly, if you come across signs of a pest infestation while you are cleaning—things like chewed electrical wires, nests, mouse droppings, or dead bugs—be sure to contact our experts here at Wil-Kil Pest Control.

At Wil-Kil, our commercial and residential pest control services will help with all your spring pest control needs! Contact us today for a free quote.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Pest Control in Sun Prairie, WI

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