Raise your hand if you like getting stung. I didn’t think so. But when many homeowners see bees, hornets, wasps or yellow jackets fly by in spring, they simply go back inside and do nothing about it. Most homeowners don’t realize that spring is when you stop these stinging insects in their tracks. Here’s why.

For most stinging insects, spring is a time of renewal. They are either starting a new nest and beginning to grow a new population or expanding an old population. This is especially frustrating when you have carpenter bees, which find old tunneling and expand those tunnels even further. But whatever stinging insect you have flying around your Milwaukee home, spring is the time to get rid of them.

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When you see a stinging insect fly by, do you wonder where it came from? Often, it didn’t fly too far. That means it is either near your property, on your property or even in your home. If it didn’t come from your property, you don’t have too much to worry about. But nests on your property can be a real pain–quite literally. Yellow jackets can swarm out of a ground nest when the vibrations from your lawn mower disturb them. Wasps can swarm out of a nest under your eaves when you open a window and startle them. Bees can swarm if you’re pounding a nail to fix a loose board on your deck. Do you get the idea?

Most flying insects are great to have around because they pollinate all the pretty flowers. But they don’t need to live on your property. And, they don’t need to put your family at risk of multiple stings. Have your Milwaukee property inspected by the residential pest control experts at Wil-Kil Pest Control, and get those nests removed before those stinging insects can build their populations.

When you get an inspection done by a professional who has the kind of experience and training that Wil-Kil technicians have, you can work or relax in your backyard, get some sun, have a cookout, or swim in the pool, without worry about a swarm of stinging insects attacking you. You’ll know that your attic spaces won’t have a surprise waiting for you when you go to grab something out of storage. And, if you are allergic to bees or wasps, you’ll have less of a chance of taking a surprise trip to the hospital.

Contact Wil-Kil and get those stinging insects, before they get you.