Mosquitoes, flies, wasps and other common summer pests may want to crash your summer party – annoying your guests and keeping them from enjoying the outdoor environment. Entertaining outdoors definitely heats up during the summer months and property owners hear about many DIY tricks to keep summer pests away. How many of these tips are actually just myths? Wil-Kil Pest Control, a regional pest management company, explains what tricks work, might work or don’t work at all below!

Wil-Kil’s DIY Pest Control Myths:

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Do ultrasonic devices keep bugs away?
Myth Debunked! Ultrasonic devices that use high frequency sound waves are not effective in repelling pests.

Can dryer sheets be used to repel mosquitoes?
Myth Debunked! Dryer sheets may give protection for a few minutes, but the best protection from mosquitoes is bug spray with DEET.

Will setting up a fan in your backyard keep bugs away?
Myth Confirmed! Most summer pests such as mosquitoes aren’t strong fliers so gusts of winds easily push them away from any backyard barbecues.

Can you really catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, like the old saying goes?
Myth Debunked! Fruit flies are more attracted to vinegar because of its acidic smell. The best way to catch flies is using a fruit fly trap. The flies will be able to fly in, but will have a difficult time getting out.

Will hanging a fake bald faced hornet’s nest in your tree keep wasps away?
Myth Confirmed! A decoy hornet’s nest does keep yellow jackets and umbrella wasps away.

Should you bait mouse traps with cheese?
Myth Debunked! Although cartoons illustrate a mouse’s love for cheese, peanut butter is a much better bait. Peanut butter has a sweet, pungent smell that attracts mice easier than cheese.

Will hanging bags of water repel flies?
Myth Debunked! Many believe flies are afraid of the bags of water because they perceive the bags as large bodies of water or are afraid to see their reflection, however, flies are not afraid of either.

Does boiling water eliminate ant hills?
Myth Might work! Boiling water may eliminate an ant hill, however, the boiling water will need to get down to the queen in order to effectively eliminate the ant hill. It is also dangerous to carry boiling water across the lawn!

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