Have you seen a swarm? Have you wondered what type of insect would fill the skies, engulf a street light, and cover a whole side of your house? There are a few of them. But we are going to focus on the worst one of them all.

Biblical plague.

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If you are a farmer, you might be tempted to say that locusts are the worst swarmers on the planet. These short-horned grasshoppers can take to the air by the millions, with densities of up to 500 tons per square mile of locusts, and lay waste to whole fields of crops. But what good is a crop if you don’t have a barn to put it in? Termite swarms plague everyone.

Identifying a termite swarm.

It is easy to tell if you have locust, honey bees, gnats or love bugs, instead of termites. But carpenter ants can be a little harder to distinguish from termites. The quickest way to tell them apart is by body shape. Ants have three distinct body segments and a thin waist. Termites do not. They are thin at the neck, but their hind section does not pinch in. If you have a hard time telling whether or not you have carpenter ants or termites, call a professional. You don’t need either one of these insects chewing on the wood of your home.

A startling fact about termite swarms.

If you see swarmers all over you window sills or exterior walls don’t assume they are passing through. Termite swarmers don’t travel far, and often times a swarm originates from the home the swarm is found at. Those new kings and queens could be pouring out of your walls. But even if they aren’t, with billions of dollars in property damages attributed to termites each year in the United States you don’t want to take the chance that those termites will pass over your home and infest your neighbor.

Termites can be stopped before they do damage.

You don’t have to live in fear of termites. This is an insect that can be controlled before it does damage to your home. Get termite protection today, and protect your equity from wood eating insects.

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