Have you ever wondered where pests really ‘live’? Sure, you may find them in your business, but where do they actually come from and how do they get in? It’s a question that is also frequently asked as the weather gets colder. Do they ever go outside, or do they stay warm in unwanted places – like your restaurant, hotel, apartment complex, etc.?

Believe it or not, these critters do have a home where they co-exist all together, and what we like to call the “city under the city” – sewers. They’re not just the homes of raccoons and rats, but also cockroaches, drain flies, silver fish, centipedes and many more pests. Even in the winter, sewers have a fairly consistent temperature – an average of 60-65 degrees plus humidity. This is why you’ll see steam rising from them on cold days. Plus, it allows these critters to continue to reside here.

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What makes sewers such a conducive place for pests?

Besides being warm enough for survival, many insects and small animals feed on organic matter – aka what exits your kitchen sinks, garbage disposals, and toilet waste (yeah… yuck). So as you could’ve guessed, there is an endless supply of food sources in the sewers for these pests. Additionally, sewers are a protected space that allows them to hide from the outside world.

Why are they entering my business, then?

As you know, the sewers are an interconnected system that eventually lead back up to your drains. There are two types of sewer systems – one that collects waste from businesses and households, and another that collects storm water and deposits it into nearby rivers and streams. Typically these two types of systems use separate piping from one another. However, in older cities they are often combined, meaning all waste water is collected in one place – a haven for pests.

If your business is in a city, it’s more likely that you are part of the combined sewer system. In fact, about 1/3 of the City of Milwaukee is part of a combined sewage system. This means you will find more pests making their way into your kitchen, floor drains, and up through plumbing. It’s even more common if the sewers are backed up, or if your business is over a break in the sewage piping.

What do I do if I have these pests in my facility?

You definitely do not want these contaminated, disease-ridden pests crawling and scurrying around your establishment. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to dictate pest management inside sewers, as it is owned by your local sewer authority and not property owners.

However, a professional pest control company can also help you to take the appropriate measures to make your establishment an undesirable place for sewage pests. At Wil-Kil Pest Control, we know how important your brand and reputation is, and that no one wants this kind of infestation.

Let us help you get rid of sewage pests. Contact us today for your commercial pest control needs.


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