If the title of this article caught your eye, there is a good chance you are a doctor, or a health care professional. I’m sure you are aware that bacterial illness and disease must be suppressed continually. Instruments must be sterilized, hands must be washed, and rooms must be kept clean to protect patients with weakened immune systems, and prevent disease from spreading. This is not place for rats, mice, cockroaches, flies, and other illness-spreading pests. It is also not the place for pesticides.

Professional pest control companies, like Wisconsin-based Wil-Kil Pest Control, use cutting-edge technology and modern Integrated Pest Management to exclude pests from hospitals. This natural approach to pest control ensures that hospital staff, patients and visitors are safe from hidden sources of bacteria these pests leave on counters, floors, walls, dishes, and inside ventilation ducts.

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Here is what Integrate Pest Management looks like.

  • Detailed inspections determine where water, food, and shelter sources exist on the property because these are required for pest survival.
  • Using an extensive knowledge base of known pests and their preferred entry points, technicians seal exterior walls and install natural deterrents.
  • Traps are used to safely remove pests, prevent new pests from gaining entry, and as a tool to monitor pest activity. A highly trained inspector can use trapped pests as a map to tell which pests are a problem, and where they are trying to enter.
  • IPM is a partnership between the hospital staff and the pest control company. This is where Wil-Kil shines. Their streamlined approach to documentation and training is an industry standard.
  • Sanitation is a large part of successful IPM. This is known as habitat modification. Pests cannot live in an environment with no food or water options. If no food or water exists outside a facility, pests will not be drawn in. If no accessible food or water exists inside a facility, pests will be unable to dwell in it.
  • Modification of interior environments may also include regulating temperatures, humidity, lights, and oxygen levels, to resist pests.
  • Quality control is key to effective IPM. Wil-Kil does routine service reviews to be sure that all working is being done in an appropriate manner. By having a third party conduct these reviews, they are able to ensure client satisfaction.

In this modern age, no hospital should be without Integrated Pest Management. It is the smarter, safer way to exclude pests.

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The Importance Of Natural Pest Management In Hospitals in Sun Prairie, WI

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