Honeybees are beneficial insects. They play a key role in agriculture and are responsible for pollinating a number of fruit-bearing plants. Despite the fear they can cause, they are very passive creatures. They are unlikely to sting unless they feel threatened – typically happening when they feel their nests are infiltrated. Because honeybees are beneficial, we do not treat them like we would wasps or hornets. A responsible pest control company will protect honeybees. Tyler Bessa, Sales and Service Manager, explains what to do if you suspect honeybees on your property.

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Interviewer: So Tyler, what should we do in cases where someone knows it’s actually a honeybee?

Technician: Well, if you are certain that you’re dealing with honeybees, that needs to be handled a little bit differently given that honeybees are endangered. We’ve all seen the news. We know that they are important to our environment and the things that go along with that. So, what we recommend, is that you contact a beekeeper who can come in and can safely remove the bees without harming them. We want to take as many steps as we can to try to protect those bees. But then that leads to another issue. If you have honeybees in the wall that means you’ve got honeycomb and honey in your walls. Once those bees are removed, that comb and that honey must be removed. Otherwise, it can lead to secondary issues, secondary pests like carpet beetles, ants, all sorts of things that can get in there. They’re going to be attracted to that honey. They’re going to want to eat that honey and you’re going to have all other kinds of problems that will need to be dealt with. As a last resort, if you’re in a situation where your life is endangered because you’re allergic to bee stings and there’s no other choice, there are other steps that can be taken to eliminate that problem. But that always needs to be as a last resort. We want to try and save those honeybees.

Tips from a Tech – What to do with Honeybees in Sun Prairie, WI

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