What does it mean to come in second place? Does the fact that Buzz Aldrin wasn’t the first person to put his feet on the moon make his achievement any less spectacular? Imagine there is a party going on. There are a bunch of people–and Buzz Aldrin. Off in the corner, there is a guy drawing a crowd. He’s going on and on about all the amazing things he’s done in his life, like visiting Antarctica, spending a year with a tribe in South America, and standing on the lip of an active volcano. How do you follow this guy? What could you possibly share that would measure up? Perhaps, a grand tale of last week’s trip to the supermarket or how you went to Busch Gardens last summer? You know that whatever you share, it is going to pale in comparison to Mr. World Travel and his spectacular tales of adventure. But not Buzz. He sits on the couch, reclined, popping Cheese Doodles in his mouth. When the man finishes, Buzz wipes the cheese dust from his lips and says, “I walked on the moon.” Then, returns to eating his Cheese Doodles, knowing with complete confidence that no one can beat that.

Second place isn’t anything to snuff at. When 1,000 people run a marathon, you may not know the name of the person who came in second, but that doesn’t make their achievement any less spectacular. They just beat 998 other dedicated runners at something they all have been training for. Most people don’t even have the ability to finish the race.

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At Wil-Kil, we’re proud to be a finalist in the Top Choice Awards, Best of Greater Milwaukee reader’s poll run by the multi-Pulitzer Prize-winning Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. There are a ton of pest control companies out there, but readers of the Sentinel voted for us. Sure, we didn’t get the number-one spot, but that doesn’t make the achievement any less spectacular. We work hard every day to give the most advanced pest protection and service to our customers.

Like those marathon runners, we train hard to meet the highest standards in business operations, testing and training, consumer protection and environmental stewardship. Our drive for excellence is unmatched in our service area. It is satisfying to see that readers of the Sentinel have noticed.

We want to thank the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel and all its readers for giving us this great honor and recognition. As you can imagine, it is a lot of hard work to maintain this level of dedication. Your support and positive feedback have been a great source of encouragement to our team. It is just the thing we need to keep running and keep reaching toward the finish line.