Picnics always make great memories. The time spent with family and friends enjoying some great food and conversation outdoors is priceless. But those memories can quickly turn sour if you encounter stinging insects including bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets. Although these pests have a great purpose in the natural world to help pollinate flowers and vegetables and even make honey, there are many reasons that the pest control pros at Wil-Kil recommend that you should watch out for stinging insects while at your next picnic this summer.

The biggest threat of stinging insects is of course their sting. Many stinging insects, including bees, only have one chance to use their stinger and then it falls off. This means that they are less likely to attack and sting unless they feel very threatened. But other stinging insects, like yellow jackets, are capable of stinging multiple times which can be bad news for any human encounters. Some people are extremely allergic to the venom from a sting and it lands many people in the emergency room each summer. This is why it is always best to avoid any encounters with stinging insects.

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How to avoid stinging insects on a picnic:

  • When you are packing up the picnic basket, make sure to keep all food stored in containers with lids that can close tightly to keep the stinging insects out.
  • Avoid packing sugary drinks like soda and lemonade. Although very refreshing, sugary drinks are a magnet to some unwanted picnic guests.
  • Avoid blankets or clothing that are very colorful, which stinging insects could confuse for flowers and cause these insects to begin swarming around you.
  • Make sure that as soon as you are done eating the food gets stored away so that you are not tempting the stinging insects nearby with any treats.
  • When picking a spot for a picnic, be sure to inspect around the area for stinging insects. If there are any nests or hives then it is best to move your picnic elsewhere.

There is no need to let a great picnic be shared with stinging insects. As long as you are prepared with how to avoid these pests then you will be ready to enjoy an afternoon or evening outside with loved ones. But if you do happen to get stung while on your next picnic make sure to watch for any allergic reactions. Seek medical attention immediately if you begin to have a reaction.

For residents in Eau Claire, Green Bay, and Madison, Wisconsin, if you have found any nests or hives on your property, contact Wil-Kil Pest Control for an inspection and removal of stinging insects. Our trusted home pest control services will be sure to keep you and your family safe from the threat of any pests this summer as well as the seasons to come.

Watch Out For Stinging Insects at Your Next Picnic in Sun Prairie, WI

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